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Working Papers

Exchange Rate Regime Choice and Currency Crises

Ahmet Atil Asici

Abstract This paper aims to fill the gap between exchange rate regime choice and currency crises ... read more

Working Papers

The Political Economy of Inequality in the Arab Region and Relevant Development Policies

Ali Abdel-Gadir Ali

Abstract This paper deals with the political economy of inequality in the distribution of consumption expenditure ... read more

Working Papers

Regional Employment Growth and Spatial Dependencies in Algeria (1998-2005)

Yacine Belarbi and Abdalla Zouache and

Abstract This paper examines the economic forces that explain regional growth in Algeria in the period ... read more

Working Papers

The Political Economy of Equality and Inequality: Income Distribution, Technological Change and Power

Galal Amin

Abstract Although income distribution is one of the oldest parts of economic theory, we are still ... read more

Working Papers

Assessing Barriers to Trade in Services in The MENA Region

Mohamed Ali Marouani and Laura Munro and

Abstract This paper aims to assess barriers to service provision in the financial, telecom, and transport ... read more

Working Papers

The Political Economy of Inequality

James Robinson

Abstract The extent of inequality in society is determined by the distribution of assets, the rates ... read more