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Policy Briefs

The Use of ICT and Employment Generation

Yilmaz Kilicaslan and Ünal Töngür and

In a nutshell The World Bank (2016) estimates that 57 percent of workers in ... read more

Working Papers

The Commuting Gender Gap and Females’ Participation and Earnings in the Egyptian Labor Market

Maye Ehab

The length of commute time to work influence the access to employment opportunities and individuals’ ... read more

Working Papers

Gender Diversity, Productivity, and Wages in Egyptian Firms

Mona Said , Rami Galal, , Susan Joekes, and Mina Sami and

Women’s employment is not evenly distributed across sectors and this variance in gender diversity can ... read more

Working Papers

The exceptional performance of exporters: Evidence from Egyptian firms

Ayhab Saad

This paper examines the manufacturing export market in Egypt after the Arab Spring using firm ... read more

Working Papers

The Evolution of Wage Formation and Inequality in Jordan in 2010-2016

Rami Galal and Mona Said and

This paper investigates wage formation and inequality in Jordan over the period 2010 to 2016 ... read more

Working Papers

The Macroeconomics of the Gold Economy in Sudan

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Kabbashi Suliman and

After the secession of South Sudan and the resultant drop in oil exports, Sudan has ... read more

Working Papers

Inclusive services for youth in Cairo’s informal areas

Deena Khalil , Amr Abdelaal, , Yasmin Khalafallah, and Marwa Barakat and

This paper studies access to basic services and infrastructure among youth populations in Cairo’s informal ... read more