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Working Papers

Private Banking and Crony Capitalism in Egypt

Ishac Diwan and Marc Schiffbauer and

In Egypt, the bulk of bank loans during 2003-2010 went to politically connected firms. At ... read more

Policy Perspectives

Subsidizing Inequality: Policy and Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa

Caroline Krafft and Halimat Alawode and

This policy perspective demonstrates that attainment of higher education is notably unequal in Egypt and ... read more

Policy Briefs

Mechanization to Drive A Process for Fertilizer Subsidy Reform in Egypt

Shinan N. Kassam and Boubaker Dhehibi and

In a nutshell Current modalities for the distribution of subsidized fertilizer, together with national campaigns for ... read more

Working Papers

Investment Climate and Firms’ Exports in Egypt: When Politics Matter

Nora Aboushady and Chahir Zaki and

The objective of this paper is to explore the nexus between exports performance and components ... read more

Working Papers

National Oil Companies in the Middle East and North Africa: Remaining Relevant in a Changing World

Jenik Radon and Sarah Logan and

This paper applies a practitioner’s analytical perspective to assessing the contractual arrangements governing oil and ... read more

Working Papers

Is There an Arab Variety of Capitalism?

Steffen Hertog

This paper argues that capitalism in Arab low- to mid-income countries is organized in a ... read more

Working Papers

Out of Pocket Health Expenditure and Household Budget: Evidence from Arab Countries

Reham Rizk and Hala Abou-Ali and

This paper assesses the prevalence of out-of-pocket catastrophic health expenditure and pinpoints the factors associated ... read more