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Working Papers

Egypt’s Government Spending Multiplier: Its Size and Determinants

Sara B. Alnashar

Fiscal policy has a potentially significant role in generating real income and stimulating aggregate demand. ... read more

Working Papers

Migration Patterns and Labor Market Outcomes in Tunisia

Anda David and Mohamed Ali Marouani and

This paper focuses on the emigration’s effects on non-migrants and particularly on the interactions with ... read more

Working Papers

Education, Earnings and Returns to Schooling in Tunisia

Imed Limam and Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh and

This paper aims at identifying the main determinants of earnings, estimating the private returns to ... read more

Working Papers

Gender and Labor Markets in Tunisia’s Lagging Regions

Lucia Hanmer , Edinaldo Tebaldi, and Dorte Verner and

There are significant differences between men and women’s labor market outcomes Tunisia. The size of ... read more

Working Papers

What Drive Regional Economic Inequalities in Tunisia? Evidence From Unconditional Quantile Decomposition Analysis

Hatem Jemmali

This paper analyzes the level and main drivers of economic inequality among rural–urban, littoral-inland and ... read more

Working Papers

Women in the Tunisian Labor Market

Rim Mouelhi and Mohamed Goaied and

This paper aims at analyzing the characteristics of female employment and unemployment in Tunisia and ... read more