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Working Papers

Female Labor in Egyptian Manufacturing Sector: The Demand Side Story

Hanan Nazier

This study investigated demand for female labor in Egyptian manufacturing sector. It utilized information provided ... read more

Working Papers

Firm Productivity and Agglomeration Economies: Evidence from Egyptian Data

Karim Badr , Reham Rizk, and Chahir Zaki and

This paper attempts to shed light on the nexus between firm productivity and economies of ... read more

Working Papers

Trade Policy and Input Liberalization: The Effect on Egyptian Firms’ Productivity

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso , Mona Said, and Chahir Zaki and

This paper explores the link between trade liberalization and firms’ performance in Egypt combining macro ... read more

Policy Briefs

The Durable Effects of Gender Policies: Social Change in Arab Countries

Veronica Kostenko and Eduard Ponarin and

In a nutshell Gender inequality constrains the economic development of Arab countries. The level of gender inequality ... read more

Working Papers

Structural Transformation in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia: Patterns, Drivers and Constraints

Rim Mouelhi and Monia Ghazali and

This paper conducts an analysis of the structural transformation in three MENA countries, Tunisia, Morocco ... read more

Working Papers

Picking Winners at the Ballot Box: Votes and Local Economic Growth in Turkey

Davide Luca

While there is systematic evidence of how governments affect policy outputs for strategic reasons, a ... read more