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Working Papers

Debunking Myth: Economic Values in the Arab World Through the Prism of Opinion Polls

Ishac Diwan and Zafiris Tzannatos and

Using World Value Survey opinion poll data, we empirically characterize the economic values and norms ... read more

Working Papers

The Effect of Patriarchal Culture on Women’s Labor Force Participation

Ishac Diwan and Irina Vartanova and

We show that measures of patriarchal culture are correlated with female labor force participation (FLFP) ... read more

Working Papers

Capital Raising in the Arab World

Juan Jose Cortina Lorente , Soha Ismail, and Sergio L. Schmukler and

This paper provides a first documentation of how firms in Arab countries use equity, corporate ... read more

Working Papers

Do Migrants Transfer Political and Cultural Norms to Their Origin Country? Some Evidence From Some Arab Countries

Jamal Bouoiyour and Amal Miftah and

This paper explores some political and social consequences of international migration experience and remittance receipt ... read more

Working Papers

On the Decomposition of Economic Inequality: A Methodology and an Application to Tunisia

Mohamed Amara and Hatem Jemmali and

The paper provides a detailed examination of the structure and dynamics of economic inequality in ... read more