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Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Some ERF Countries: An Empirical Inquiry

Ali Darrat

Abstract This study investigates empirically the role of financial deepening in the economic growth process in ... read more

An Input-Output Analysis of Employment Structure in Turkey:1973 – 1990

Gulay Gunluk-Senesen

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact of the 1980 liberalization program ... read more

Regionalism in the Global Economy:Trends, prospects and Opportunities

Michael Plummer

Abstract The "regionalism trend" has been an important feature of the global economy since the mid-1980s ... read more

Debt Stabilization and the Impact of Government Size on Long-Run Economic Growth: the Case of Tunisia

Khalifa Ghali

Abstract In the aftermath of the debt crisis, the IMF-sponsored debt-stabilization programs urged many developing countries ... read more

The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Project: A Substitute or a Complement to Globalization for the Middle East and the Balkans?

Serdar Sayan

Abstract This paper evaluates Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) from the perspective of globalization efforts in ... read more

Globalization and Deregulation: The Case of Turkey

Subidey Togan

Abstract The purpose of the paper is to study how globalization has affected the trade regime, ... read more

Self Employment Wage Employment Choice and Returns to Education for Urban Men and Women in Turkey

Aysit Tansel

Abstract Issues relating to self employment in developed and developing countries alike have been attracting the ... read more

The Economics of Post Adjustment Development

Hakim Ben Hammouda

Abstract The objective of this paper is to review the renewed interest in the economics of ... read more

Globalization and Science and Technology Policy

Antoine Zahlan

Abstract The Arab countries face a number of serious challenges with the consolidation of a new ... read more

Demography, Capital Dependency and Growth in MENA

Tarik Yousef

Abstract Recent academic and policy discussions have emphasized the poor growth performance of MENA's economies since ... read more

Determinants of Inflation and its Instability in Sudan 1970 – 1994

Abdel Mahmoud M. Abdel Rahman

Abstract During the past three decades inflation in Sudan accelerated and was highly variable. Various factors ... read more

Workers Displaced Due to Privatization in Turkey:Before Versus After Displacement

Aysit Tansel

Abstract This study, on the impact of privatization on dismissed workers in Turkey, is the first ... read more

Attracting Foreign Investment to Arab Countries: Getting the Basics Right

Mohamed El-Erian and Mahmoud El-Gamal

Abstract Foreign direct investment (FDI) is being sought by most, if not all, developing countries as ... read more

Import Trade Liberalization and Economic Performance

Mustapha Nabli

Abstract An important feature of the empirical evidence on trade liberalization experiences is their association with ... read more

Does Money Matter in Developing Economies? Some Results from the Solow Estimator

Ali Darrat and Y. Al-Yousif

Abstract Using the Solow estimator and the technique introduced by Startz, this paper provides strong evidence ... read more

Trade Structure and Endogenous Restrictions: Evidence from Sudan

Mohamed Osman Suliman

Abstract This paper attempts to determine appropriate trade control systems for small, capital-poor economies facing external ... read more