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Are International Food Price Spikes the Source of Egypt’s High Inflation?

Sherine El-Shawarby and Hoda Selim

This paper examines whether domestic inflation spikes in Egypt during 2001-2011 were primarily the result ... read more

Threshold Effect of Inflation on Growth: Evidence from MENA Region

Samir Ghazouani

The nature of the relationship between inflation and growth is highlighted in the present study ... read more

Financial Cascades in The MENA Region: Theory, Empirics and Policy

Hamid Mohtadi and Stefan Ruediger

We develop a randomized analytical model of financial herds and cascades, which we first numerically ... read more

Impact of Trade Reforms in Tunisia on the Elasticity of Labor Demand

Rim Mouelhi and Monia Ghazali

The impact of trade reforms on the labor market may transit through many channels. One ... read more

Rethinking Social Insurance in Egypt: An Empirical Study

Irène Selwaness

The focus of this paper is to empirically analyze the social insurance system (SIS) in ... read more

On Informality and Productivity of Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence from MENA Countries

Rana Hendy and Chahir Zaki

The objective of this paper is twofold. First, it aims to examine the impact of ... read more

The Environment and the Economy: From Sustainability to Green Growth

Atif Kubursi and Benoit Laplante

Fundamental concerns over the environment’s capacity to support continued economic growth dates as far back ... read more

The Elusive Quest for Arab Economic Development

Ahmed Galal and Hoda Selim

This paper reviews the development experience of the Arab countries since World War II, arguing ... read more

The Performance of the Airline Passenger Market in the United Arab Emirates

Jay Squalli

Despite a relatively short history, UAE airlines have managed to establish themselves alongside the best-performing ... read more

Moroccan Passenger Airlines Framework and Performance

Brahim ElMorchid and Khalid Sekkat

This paper studies the relationship between the current passengers’ airlines framework and the performance of ... read more

Understanding Revolution in the Middle East: The Central Role of the Middle Class

Ishac Diwan

The paper argues that the changing interests of the middle class can explain the authoritarianism ... read more

Arab Passengers’ Airlines Framework and Performance: Jordan Case

Nesreen Barakat

The past two decades have witnessed vivid changes in the air transport services sector. These ... read more

Has the UAE Escaped the Oil Curse?

Raimundo Soto and Ilham Haouas

The UAE is blessed with vast deposits of oil and gas. Contrary to other oil-rich ... read more