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Arab Passengers’ Airlines Framework and Performance: A Cross-Countries Analysis

Khalid Sekkat

The present paper summarizes the findings of four country studies (Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and United ... read more

Inégalité Et Polarisation Des Dépenses Des Ménages Au Maroc: Evolution Et Etat Actuel

Touhami Abdelkhalek and Fouzia Ejjanoui

Dans cet article, nous revenons d’abord de façon synthétique sur les fondements théoriques des deux ... read more

The Oil Curse and Labor Markets: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Hend Al-Sheikh and S. Nuri Erbas

Oil income enables generous government sector wage and employment policies in Saudi Arabia. Combined with ... read more

Determinants of Labor Force Participation in Syria (2001 – 2010)

Rabie Nasser and Zaki Mehchy

This paper highlights the Syrian labor market challenges by analyzing the determinants of labor force ... read more

Savings and Investment Decisions in Resource-Rich Developing Countries

Paul Collier

Many developing countries on Earth are in the throes of a double-bonanza of high prices ... read more

Gender and the Jordanian Labor Market

Ragui Assaad , Rana Hendy and Shaimaa Yassin

Using data from the Jordanian Labor Market Panel Survey 2010 (JLMPS), this paper aims at ... read more

Fiscal Manipulation in Non-democratic Regimes: The Case of Egypt

Hoda Youssef

This paper’s main objective is to examine whether fiscal policy in the pre-revolution Egypt has ... read more

Institutions and the Finance-Growth Nexus: Empirical Evidence from MENA Countries

Kaouthar Gazdar and Mondher Cherif

This paper investigates the effect of institutional quality on the finance-growth nexus. To this end, ... read more

Does Institutions Quality Matter for Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus? Another Look at the Evidence from MENA Countries

Houssem Rachdi and Sami Mensi

The relationship between financial development and economic growth remains a fundamental issue in the economics ... read more

Agricultural Transformation and Labor Mobility During the ARIP Period in Turkey: Evidence from Micro-Data, 2000-2002

Hüseyin Ikizler and Insan Tunali

This paper analyses the transition dynamics in and out of agricultural and non-agricultural employment in ... read more

An Applied Endogenous Growth Model with Human and Knowledge Capital Accumulation for the Turkish Economy

Ebru Voyvoda and Erinç Yeldan

The main objective of this research is to analytically investigate and assess the interactions between ... read more

The Political Economy of Petroleum Wealth in Low-Income Countries: Some Policy Alternatives

Michael Ross

Mineral wealth tends to make low-income countries less democratic and more likely to experience a ... read more

The Determinants of MENA Export Diversification: An Empirical Analysis

Marouane Alaya

The aim of this paper is to study driving forces behind export diversification in Middle ... read more

Bank Profitability and the Business Cycle: Evidence from MENA Countries

Souhir Slimi

Understanding and monitoring the impact of a declined economy on the health of the banking ... read more