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Regime-Switching Behavior in the Conditional Volatility of MENA Stock Market Returns

Slah Bahloul and Fathi Abid

The objective of this paper is to investigate the behavior of the time varying volatility ... read more

The Impact of Remittances on Education in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

Jad Chaaban and Wael Mansour

This paper uses micro data from three households’ surveys conducted in three neighboring countries in ... read more

Pro-Women Legal Reform in Morocco: Is Religion an Obstacle?

Imane Chaara

The question of the role of modern law in triggering social change is of particular ... read more

The School-to-Work Transition of Jordanian Youth

Mona Amer

The paper aims at better understanding the school-to-work transition among the Jordanian youth using the ... read more

On Fuel Subsidies for Transportation Sector in Kuwait

Mohamed Nagy Eltony

The aim of this study is to estimate the demand for oil products in the ... read more

Oil Prices, External Income, and Growth: Lessons from Jordan

Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi

This paper extends the long-run growth model of Esfahani et al. (2009) to a labor ... read more

Equality of Opportunity in Educational Achievement in the Middle East and North Africa

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani , Nadia Belhaj Hassine and Ragui Assaad

This paper is an empirical investigation of inequality of education opportunities in the Middle East ... read more

Evaluation de la valeur du temps de transport: Le cas de la ville de Sousse

Maissa Chaibi and Khaireddine Jebsi

L’usage massif de l’automobile privée génère de nombreuses externalités négatives, telle que la congestion qui ... read more

Labor Mobility across the Formal/Informal Divide in Turkey: Evidence from Individual Level Data

Aysit Tansel and Elif Oznur Kan

Informality has long been a salient phenomenon in developing country labor markets, thus has been ... read more

On the Determinants of Trade in Services: Evidence from the MENA Region

Fida Karam and Chahir Zaki

This paper examines the determinants of aggregate flows of service trade in MENA countries using ... read more

Oil Curse in Yemen: The Role of Institutions and Policy

Mahmoud Al-Iriani

This paper studies the natural resource curse (NRC) hypothesis as it applies to Yemen. There ... read more

Arab Passengers’ Airlines Framework and Performance: A Cross-Countries Analysis

Khalid Sekkat

The present paper summarizes the findings of four country studies (Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and United ... read more

Inégalité Et Polarisation Des Dépenses Des Ménages Au Maroc: Evolution Et Etat Actuel

Touhami Abdelkhalek and Fouzia Ejjanoui

Dans cet article, nous revenons d’abord de façon synthétique sur les fondements théoriques des deux ... read more

The Oil Curse and Labor Markets: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Hend Al-Sheikh and S. Nuri Erbas

Oil income enables generous government sector wage and employment policies in Saudi Arabia. Combined with ... read more

Determinants of Labor Force Participation in Syria (2001 – 2010)

Rabie Nasser and Zaki Mehchy

This paper highlights the Syrian labor market challenges by analyzing the determinants of labor force ... read more