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Has the UAE Escaped the Oil Curse?

Raimundo Soto and Ilham Haouas

The UAE is blessed with vast deposits of oil and gas. Contrary to other oil-rich ... read more

Is there A Bubble in Saudi Real Estate? Evidence from the Stock Market

Mahmoud Haddad and Sam Hakim

This paper analyzes the real estate price data in Saudi Arabia, a country not suspected ... read more

Exploring the Role of the Exchange Rate in Monetary Policy in Egypt

Hoda Selim

Recent reforms have enhanced the monetary policy framework in Egypt. Yet, there is not yet ... read more

Is Corporate Governance Different for Islamic Banks? A Comparative Analysis between the Gulf Cooperation Council Context and the Southeast Asia Context

Hamadi Matoussi and Rihab Grassa

Islamic banks are particular financial institutions generating distinct corporate governance challenges. The present study examines ... read more

Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Sudan

Kabbashi Suliman

This paper examines the impact of the oil boom, as a blessing or curse, on ... read more

Econometric Modeling of World Oil Supplies: Terminal Price and the Time to Depletion

Kamiar Mohaddes

This paper develops a novel approach by which to identify the price of oil at ... read more

Detecting Corruption and Evaluating Programs to Control It: Some Lessons for MENA

Jeffrey Nugent

This paper attempts the following tasks. First, it attempts to examine the seriousness of corruption ... read more

Formal and Informal Social Protection in Iraq

Najat El Mekkaoui and Hillary Johnson

We study formal and informal insurance in Iraq using empirical data from a household survey. ... read more

Predicting Bank Financial Strength Ratings in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Turkey

Hulisi Ogut , M. Mete Doganay , Nildag Basak Ceylan and Ramazan Aktas

The recent global financial crisis shows us that the rating of bank’s financial strength can ... read more

Flow of Migrants’ Remittances into Sudan: the Role of Macroeconomic Environment

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla and Abdalla Ali Edriess

Considering the importance of migrants’ remittances as a vital source of financing economic development and ... read more

Exchange Rate Undervaluation, Financial Development and Growth

Khalid Sekkat

This paper examines the interaction between financial development and the impact of undervaluation on growth. ... read more

Enhancing Competition in A Post-Revolutionary Arab Context: Does the Turkish Experience Provide any Lessons?

Izak Atiyas

The purpose of this paper is to explore the possible role of the regulatory environment ... read more