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The Impact of Migration on Human Capital in MENA

Jackline Wahba

This policy brief summarizes the main findings and policy implications of three studies headed by ... read more

Migration, Trade in Services and Employment Interactions in Jordan

Anda David and Mohamed Ali Marouani

The multiple linkages between Jordan and its partners plead for an in-depth analysis of the ... read more

Beware of the Echo: The Impending Return of Demographic Pressures in Egypt

Caroline Krafft and Ragui Assaad

For many years, Egypt experienced substantial demographic pressures on its education system and labor market. These ... read more

Iran’s Subsidy Reform from Promise to Disappointment

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani

In December 2010, Iran implemented an ambitious subsidy reform program for energy and bread. Prices ... read more

Why the Unemployment Rate is a Misleading Indicator of Labor Market Health in Egypt

Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft

Policy discussions about the health of the economy and the labor market in Egypt often ... read more

Promoting Successful Transitions to Employment for Egyptian Youth

Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft

This Policy Perspective argues that active labor market policies, such as public employment schemes, wage ... read more