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Economic Growth in Bahrain: The Contribution of Multifactor Productivity

Bassim Shebeb and Nadhem Al-Saleh and

Abstract With the process of expansion and the structural transformation taking place in Bahrain, it is ... read more

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The Politics of Investment and Growth in Egypt: Towards A New Approach

Abla Abdel-Latif and Hubert Schmitz and

Abstract How can governments achieve substantial increases in productive private investment? ‘Improve the investment climate’ is ... read more

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Has Egypt’s Monetary Policy Changed after The Float?

Hoda Selim

Abstract After maintaining a currency peg to the US$ for more than 40 years, Egypt announced ... read more

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Impact of Healthcare Reforms on Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditures in Turkey for Public Insurees

Burçay Erus

Abstract The Turkish health care system has been subject to major reform during the last five ... read more

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Social Relationships and Trust

Christine Binzel and Dietmar Fehr and

Abstract While social relationships play an important role for individuals to cope with missing market institutions, ... read more

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The Competitiveness of the Palestinian Foreign Trade: A Cointegration Analysis

Gaber Abugamea

Abstract Over the past three decades the Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip ... read more

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Banking, Credit Market Imperfection and Economic Growth

Mahmoud Sami Nabi and Taoufik Rajhi and

Abstract We develop a new model that links capital market imperfection to banking emergence and economic ... read more

Working Papers

The Political Economy of Attracting Public Funds: The Case of Lebanon

Nisreen Salti and Jad Chaaban and

Abstract Using a new exceptional dataset on 80 poverty pockets in Lebanon in 2004, we propose ... read more