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Working Papers

Economic and Social Impacts of Groundwater Overdraft: The Case of Iran

Gholamreza Soltani and Mahmood Saboohi and

Abstract Excessive withdrawal of groundwater for irrigation raises the issue of the sustainability of irrigated agriculture ... read more

Working Papers

Spatial Patterns and Geographic Determinants of Welfare and Poverty in Tunisia

Mohamed Ayadi and Mohamed Amara and

Abstract Previous poverty analysis in Tunisia concluded that the poor population is concentrated in interior areas, ... read more

Working Papers

Productivity and Investment Climate in Developing Countries: How Do MENA Industries Perform?

Tidiane Kinda , Patrick Plane, and Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis and

Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between firm-level productivity and investment climate (IC) for a large ... read more

Working Papers

Spillovers in the MENA Region: the Case of Turkey

Mehmet Teoman Pamukcu and Erol Taymaz and

Abstract This paper examines the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows on the Turkish economy ... read more

Working Papers

La Rentabilité des Banques et ses Determinants: Cas du Maroc

Brahim Mansouri and Saïd Afroukh and

Abstract This paper suggests studying the banking profitability determinants in Morocco. Such profitability is measured using ... read more