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Working Papers

The Effect of Macroeconomic Environment on Productive Performance in Turkish Banking

Ihsan Isik and Ali Darrat and

Abstract The goal of this paper is to understand the effect of macroeconomic conditions on performance ... read more

Working Papers

Moral Hazard, Corporate Governance, and Bank Failure: Evidence from The 2000-2001 Turkish Crises

Canan Yildirim

Abstract This paper analyzes the role of moral hazard and corporate governance structures in bank failures ... read more

Working Papers

Understanding Financial Structure of Non-Listed Firms in MENA Panel Data Approach Applied to Moroccan Firms

Lahcen Achy and Jawad El Otmani and

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the determinants of financial structure in ... read more

Working Papers

The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Exports: A Sectoral Analysis for Turkey

Nergiz Dincer and Magda Kandil and

Abstract The paper examines the effects of exchange rate fluctuations on disaggregated data comprising 21 exporting ... read more

Working Papers

Long and Short-Run Linkages between Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Co2 Emissions in Tunisia

Houssem Eddine Chebbi

Abstract The aim of this country specific study is to understand long and short-run linkages between ... read more

Working Papers

Innovation and R&D Investment of Tunisian Firms: A Two-Regime Model with Selectivity Correction

Zouhour Karray and Mohamed Kriaa and

Abstract The purpose of the paper is to produce new empirical evidence regarding the determinants of ... read more

Working Papers

Does Trade Facilitation Matter in Bilateral Trade?

Chahir Zaki

Abstract This paper estimates an augmented gravity model incorporating different aspects of trade facilitation in developed ... read more

Working Papers

Is There A Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy in Selected MENA Countries? A Comparative Analysis

Adel Boughrara and Samir Ghazouani and

Abstract This paper investigates whether there are differential effects of monetary policy across bank size, liquidity ... read more