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Working Papers

Factors of Career Mobility in Egypt by Gender

May Gadallah

Abstract The paper focuses on a critical determinant, not only of females participating in the labor ... read more

Working Papers

Female Wages in the Egyptian Textiles and Clothing Industry: Low Pay or Discrimination?

Amirah El-Haddad

Abstract Analysis of the wage gap has most usually been carried out across the formal sector ... read more

Working Papers

Autocracies, Democratization, and Development in the Arab Region

Samir Makdisi

Abstract The burning questions facing the Arab region today are: will the uprisings/revolutions of Tunisia (Dec. ... read more

Working Papers

How Do Women Entrepreneurs Perform? Empirical Evidence from Egypt

Fatma El-Hamidi

Abstract The purpose of this paper is twofold: 1) To explain how women owned MSEs differ ... read more

Working Papers

Inequality and Spatial Disparities in Tunisia

Mohamed Kriaa , Slim Driss, and Zouhour Karray and

Abstract The purpose of the paper is to analyze spatial disparities between Tunisian’s “délégations” by making ... read more

Working Papers

Board Independence and Corporate Fraud: The Case of Tunisian Firms

Hamadi Matoussi and Ines Gharbi and

Abstract The question we address in this paper is: what is the role played by corporate ... read more

Working Papers

Labor Productivity and Energy Use in a Three Sector Model: An Application to Egypt

Rudiger von Arnim and Codrina Rada and

Abstract This paper presents a model of a developing economy with three sectors—a modern sector producing ... read more

Working Papers

Migration Aspirations among Young People in Egypt: Who Desires to Migrate?

Asmaa Elbadawy

Abstract International migration has been a vital aspect of labor markets in the Middle East and ... read more

Working Papers

Institutional Sphere Contribution to Human Development: An Institutional Approach

Ridha Chkoundali , Houda Haffoudhi, and Houda Abdenneji and

Abstract The main objective of this work is to emphasize the importance of integrating the institutional ... read more