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Working Papers

Flow of Migrants’ Remittances into Sudan: the Role of Macroeconomic Environment

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla and Abdalla Ali Edriess and

Considering the importance of migrants’ remittances as a vital source of financing economic development and ... read more

Working Papers

Detecting Corruption and Evaluating Programs to Control It: Some Lessons for MENA

Jeffrey Nugent

This paper attempts the following tasks. First, it attempts to examine the seriousness of corruption ... read more

Working Papers

What Drives the Global Land Rush?

Rabah Arezki , Klaus Deininger, and Harris Selod and

Abstract This paper studies the determinants of foreign land acquisition for large-scale agriculture. To do so, ... read more

Working Papers

Commodity Windfalls, Polarization, and Net Foreign Assets: Panel Data Evidence on the Voracity Effect

Markus Brückner and Rabah Arezki and

Abstract This paper examines the effects that windfalls from international commodity price booms have on net ... read more

Working Papers

Did the Global Financial Crisis and Recession Contribute to the Uprisings in North Africa?

Hassan Aly and Mark Strazicich and

Abstract In this paper, we utilize time series tests with structural breaks to test for evidence ... read more

Working Papers

Local Employment Growth in the Coastal Area of Tunisia: A Dynamic Spatial Panel Approach

Mohamed Amara and Mohamed Ayadi and

Abstract Since the mid-1980s, Tunisia has conducted a structural adjustment program characterized by more privatization and ... read more

Working Papers

The Relative Volatility of Commodity Prices: A Reappraisal

Rabah Arezki , Daniel Lederman, and Hongyan Zhao and

Abstract This paper studies the volatility of commodity prices on the basis of a large dataset ... read more