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Working Papers

Do Oil Prices Affect Kuwait Sectoral Stock Prices? Non-Linear Cointegration Evidence

Khalid Kisswani and Mohammad I. Elian and

This paper tests the asymmetric long-run dynamics between oil price changes and Kuwait stock prices ... read more

Working Papers

Determinants of Household Education Expenditure in Sudan

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla

This paper examines the factors that influence households' expenditure on education in Sudan using the ... read more

Policy Briefs

Reforming Rules of Origin in Greater Arab Free Trade Area for Effective Economic Integration

Bashar Hikmet Malkawi

Free trade agreements are about reducing tariffs, market access in services, protection of intellectual property ... read more

Working Papers

The Race to the Top: Institutional Clusters and World FDI Shares

Wasseem Mina

The literature on the institutions-FDI nexus has treated the influence of institutions independently of each ... read more

Working Papers

The Microeconomic Impact of Political Instability: Firm-Level Evidence from Tunisia

Samer Matta

This paper explores the impact of political instability on firms. The context of this paper ... read more