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Working Papers

An Anatomy of Firm-Level Productivity in Turkey in the AKP Era

Nergiz Dincer and Ayça Tekin-Koru and

The main aim of the current paper is to investigate the productivity dynamics of Turkey ... read more

Working Papers

Thank You, Infidels! Social Welfare and Islamic State Recruitment

Moamen Gouda and Marcus Marktanner and

This paper is motivated by reports about Islamic State fighters having received welfare payments from ... read more

Working Papers

Macroeconomic Institutions: Lessons from World Experience for MENA Countries

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

What can be learned from the world experience about different macroeconomic institutions, to improve macroeconomic ... read more

Working Papers

Political Violence and Youth Bulges

Hosam Ibrahim

This paper investigates the relationship between domestic political conflict and youth bulges in economically stagnant ... read more

Working Papers

The impact of militarization on gender inequality and female labor force participation

Adem Elveren and Valentine M. Moghadam and

Feminist research has revealed significant relationships between militarization, patriarchy, and gender inequality. This paper takes that ... read more

Working Papers

Policy choices in an era of intangibles- where to start?

Rohinton P. Medhora

Based on the author’s keynote talk at the ERF’s 25th anniversary conference in Kuwait City ... read more

Working Papers

Intimate partner violence against women in Turkey: evidence from a national household survey

Aysegul Kayaoglu

According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2018), one in three women has experienced physical ... read more