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Policy Briefs

Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Resolving the Unemployment Dilemma in Arab Countries

Hassan Aly

In a nutshell Government efforts to reduce the chronic unemployment problem in the Arab world would ... read more

Working Papers

Mixed Market Structure, Competition and Market Size: How Does Product Mix Respond?

Aya Elewa

Assuming a double heterogeneity; within industry firm heterogeneity and within firm product heterogeneity, this paper ... read more

Policy Perspectives

The Lack of Productive Employment in the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparison with East Asia

Shantayanan Devarajan and Howard Pack and

In a nutshell East Asian countries have achieved structural transformation, whereas MENA countries have yet to ... read more

Policy Perspectives

Economic Values in the Arab World Favor Capitalism

Ishac Diwan , Zafiris Tzannatos, and Tarik Akin and

In a nutshell There are many economic values that predispose citizens of Arab countries to be ... read more