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Diversifying livelihood in Egypt: How is it changing?

Imane Helmy

Livelihood diversification is attracting considerable interest as a tool to cope with economic ... read more

Policy Briefs

The Future of Labor Supply and Demographics in Egypt: Impending Challenges and Untapped Potential

Caroline Krafft and Emma Kettle and

In a nutshell Demographic pressures on Egypt’s labor supply have decreased. The “youth bulge” generation are young ... read more

Working Papers

Employment Transitions of Youth and Health Implications in Egypt

Maye Ehab

Youth in Egypt suffer from high rates of unemployment and inactivity. They are ... read more

Working Papers

The Effect of Refugees on Native Adolescents’ Test Scores: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Pisa

Semih Tumen

Existing evidence suggests that low-skilled refugee influx increases high school enrollment among native youth ... read more

Working Papers

Changes in Height-for-Age of Children 1995 to 2014

Reem Hashad

Malnutrition is currently one of the largest threats to public health, with three ... read more