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International Labor Mobility and Employment Interactions in Tunisia

Anda David and Mohamed Ali Marouani

This paper analyzes the international labor mobility-employment nexus in Tunisia in a dynamic general equilibrium ... read more

Structural Change and Industrial Policy in Turkey

Izak Atiyas and Ozan Bakis

This paper presents evidence on structural change in Turkey and provides an overview of the ... read more

Macroeconomic Shocks and Banking Sector Developments in Egypt

Santiago Herrera and Hoda Youssef

From 2008 to 2011, Egypt was hit by significant shocks, both global and country-specific. This ... read more

Trade and R&D Externalities: Impact on the Cost of Production of the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector

Sofiane Ghali and Zouhour Karray

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a suitable methodology for estimating the extent ... read more

Does Infrastructure Mitigate the Effect of Urban Concentration on Poverty in Developing Countries?

Khalid Sekkat

The paper focuses on a poorly investigated issue, although highly challenging for developing countries, which ... read more

How Does Urban Concentration Affect Poverty in Developing Countries?

Khalid Sekkat

The present paper addresses an important issue for developing countries namely the interaction between urban ... read more

Long Run Versus Short Run Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

Younes Ben Zaied

In this paper, we propose an original empirical investigation of the long run versus short ... read more

Trade, Transaction Costs and TFP: Evidence from Tunisia and Egypt

Sofiane Ghali , Habib Zitouna , Zouhour Karray and Slim Driss

Increases in total factor productivity (TFP) are commonly associated with accumulation of knowledge through technological ... read more

The Evolution of Labor Supply and Unemployment in the Egyptian Economy: 1988-2012

Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft

This paper analyzes the evolution of labor supply and unemployment in Egypt in ... read more

The Formal and Informal Framework of Foreign Direct Investment

Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Khalid Sekkat

This paper studies the impact of social trust and formal legal and institutional determinants of ... read more

Is There Anything Special With Intra-Arab Capital Flows?

Khalid Sekkat

The paper examines the determinants if intra-Arab FDI inflows as compared to inflows from non-Arab ... read more

Young People and the Digital Divide in Egypt: An Empirical Study

Mona Farid Badran

This paper uses an ordered probit model to empirically assess the determinants of the digital ... read more

Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey

Antonio Di Paolo and Aysit Tansel

Foreign language skills represent a form of human capital that can be rewarded in the ... read more

Savings and Investment Decisions from Natural Resource Revenues: Implications for Arab Development

Paul Collier

The Middle East is fortunate to have large endowments of oil and gas. The economies ... read more

FDI and Exports Diversification in Arab Countries

Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Khalid Sekkat

The diversity of MENA countries’ exports has increased together with flows of FDI to the ... read more