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Productivity and Profitability in 500 Largest Firms of Turkey, 1980-1994

Suleyman Ozmucur

Abstract The significance of ownership is studied using data from the largest 500 firms in Turkey. ... read more

The Challenges of Globalization And Human Resources Development In The Arab World: Myth And Reality

Ismail Sirageldin and Rana Al-Khaled

Abstract Recent advances in information technology made capital and technology rather than labor the main ... read more

Intergenerational Transfer of Human Capital: Evidence for Gender Role from Iran

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani

Abstract The increased emphasis on the role of human capital in economic growth has raised the ... read more

Institutional Analysis of State-Owned Enterprises Reform and the MENA Region

Mustapha Nabli

Abstract The paper presents an institutional economic analysis of State-Owned-Enterprise reform where the large size of ... read more

State-Owned Enterprises and Privatization in Turkey: Policy, Performance and Reform Experience, 1985-95

Merih Celasun and Ismail Arslan

Abstract Against the backdrop of major changes in Turkey's development strategy and policy regimes, the paper ... read more

The Interaction Between Government Budget, Demography and Labor in the GCC: Does Policy Consistency Matter?

Sulyman Al-Qudsi

Abstract This paper utilizes a schematic economic framework in order to evaluate the consistency of population ... read more

Export Policies and Export Performance: The Case of Turkey

Ercan Uygur

Abstract The primary purpose of this paper is to make a comparative evaluation of export policies ... read more

The Educational Attainment of Turkey’s Labor Force: A Comparison Across Provinces and Overtime

Aysit Tansel and Nil Demet Güngor

Abstract This paper presents regional and provincial data on the educational composition of Turkey's labor force ... read more

Economic Liberalization, Competitiveness and Women’s Employment

Massoud Karshenas

Abstract This paper investigates the relation between female labor force participation rates and wage competitiveness in ... read more

Reflections on East Asia from the Banks of the Nile

Wafik Grais , Lorenzo Savorelli and Chang Po Yang

Abstract The paper draws some lessons for the Egyptian economy from recent crisis episodes in Latin ... read more

Regional Options Within the Multilateral Trading System for the Countries and Territories of the Mashreq

Lorenza Jachia

Abstract Starting from the observation that intra-regional trade flows in the Mashreq are abnormally low, the ... read more

Urban Rural Poverty Comparisons in Tunisia: A Robust Statistical Approach

Mohamed Ayadi , Mohamed Salah Matoussi and Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser

Abstract Poverty analysis conducted in Tunisia so far depends heavily upon the choice of poverty lines. ... read more

The Differential Impact of Globalization on Labor in the MENA Region

Mahmoud Abdel-Fadil

Abstract This paper sets out to investigate some aspects of the differential impact of the process ... read more

Globalization and Crisis in Textile Industry in Tunisia

Hakim Ben Hammouda

Abstract In this paper, the author investigates the reasons for the rapid growth of Foreign Direct ... read more

Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies in Egypt

Osman M. Osman

Abstract Using consumption/expenditure based poverty lines, the 1995/6 estimated poverty measures indicate an overall headcount index ... read more