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Transport Sector Reform and Deeper Economic Integration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

Daniel Müller-Jentsch

This paper argues that the countries of the southern Mediterranean should move beyond free trade ... read more

“Brain Drain” From Turkey: Survey Evidence of Student Non-Return

Aysit Tansel and Nil Demet Güngor

The “brain drain” phenomenon has been widely investigated since the mid-1960s both in academic circles ... read more

Rural-Urban Migration and Income Disparity in Tunisia: A Decomposition Analysis

Mohamed Amara , Hatem Jemmali and Mohamed Ayadi

Since the 1990s, massive migration from the marginalized and unprivileged rural areas to small and ... read more

Does Classroom Gender Composition Affect School Dropout?

Gokce Uysal , Tuba Toru Delibasi , Bulent Anil and Duygu Guner

Measuring the gender peer effects on student achievement has recently attracted a lot of attention ... read more

Transitions in Late-Life Living Arrangements and Socio-economic Conditions of the Elderly in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia

Aurora Angeli and Marco Novelli

Middle East and North Africa’s demographic trends reveal together a growing ageing population and an ... read more

E-Government: Technology for Good Governance, Development and Democracy in the MENA Countries

Nasser Saidi and Hala Yared

The MENA countries face a multitude of challenges, in particular relating to the efficiency, size ... read more

The Determinants of Child Labor in Urban Turkey

Meltem Dayioglu Tayfur and Ragui Assaad

The main challenge tackled by this study is to estimate a structural equation for children’s ... read more

Sources of Structural Change Within an Input-Output Analysis Framework: The Case of Kuwait 1983-1995

Ahmed Al-Kawaz and Jamal Qasem

The state of Kuwait, like other developing countries, aims at diversifying its economy. This paper ... read more