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Impact of Informal Job-search on Wages for University Graduates in Egypt and Jordan

Obbey Ahmed Elamin

This research examines the impact of informal job search on wage for university graduates on ... read more

State Business Relations and the Dynamics of Job Flows in Egypt and Turkey

Eleftherios Giovanis and Oznur Ozdamar

This study is motivated by the ongoing interest of policy makers in the possible sources ... read more

Global Value Chains and Business Environment: Which Factors Do Really Matter?

Marion Dovis and Chahir Zaki

This study attempts to assess the effect of business environment on the possibility of a ... read more

Productivity, Structural Change and Skills Dynamics in Tunisia and Turkey

Gunes Arkadas Asik , Mohamed Ali Marouani , Michelle Marshalian and Ulas Karakoc

This article explores the contribution of the structural change and the skill upgrading of the ... read more

Price Synchronicity, Inter-Firm Networks, and Business Groups in the Middle East and North Africa

Michael Siemon

Business groups are an essential part of the political economy of almost all capitalist countries. ... read more

Productivity and Resource Misallocation: Evidence from Firms in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region Countries

Eleftherios Giovanis and Oznur Ozdamar

Resource reallocation from low to high productivity firms can generate large aggregate productivity gains with ... read more

Gender Discrimination in the Tunisian Labor Market: The Youth Crisis

Mohamed Amara , Wajih Khallouli and Faycel Zidi

This paper combines micro-level and macro-level approaches into a unified empirical design to understand the ... read more

Measuring Vulnerability to Multidimensional Poverty in Tunisia: Dual cut-off method and Fuzzy Sets approach

Khaled Nasri and Besma Belhadj

The aim of this paper is to measure the vulnerability of multidimensional poverty in Tunisia. ... read more

Growth and Environmental Degradation in MENA Countries: Methodological Issues and Empirical Evidence

Imad Moosa

A large number of studies on the validity of the environmental Kuznets curve for MENA ... read more

The Structure of Employment and Job Creation in Jordan: 2010-2016

Ragui Assaad and Colette Salemi

In this paper, we analyze the structure of employment and job creation in Jordan over ... read more

Consumer Preferences and Market Structure in Credit Card Markets: Evidence from Turkey

G. Gulsun Akin , Ahmet Faruk Aysan , Ezgi Özer and Levent Yildiran

Using a discrete choice random utility model and unique data from a nationwide consumer survey, ... read more

The Promise and Peril of Youth Entrepreneurship in MENA

Caroline Krafft and Reham Rizk

Entrepreneurship is promoted by government policies and international agencies as a solution to high rates ... read more