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Firm and Regional Factors of Productivity: A Multilevel Analysis of Tunisian Manufacturing

Mohamed Amara and Khaled Thabet

In this paper, we use multilevel models to simultaneously analyze individual, sectoral and regional characteristics ... read more

Introducing the Tunisia Labor Market Panel Survey 2014

Ragui Assaad , Samir Ghazouani , Caroline Krafft and Dominique J. Rolando

This paper introduces the Tunisia Labor Market Panel Survey (TLMPS) of 2014, the first ... read more

The Impact of Institutional Blockholders on Voluntary Disclosure and Transparency: The Case of Egypt

Doaa El-Diftar , Eleri Jones and Mohamed Moustafa Soliman

Disclosure and transparency are crucial elements in the improvement of overall corporate governance.  Disclosure is ... read more

Caracteristiques des Chomeurs et Inefficience d’Appariement sur les Marches Regionaux: SFA, CAS de la Tunisie

Besma Jellali

L’objectif de ce travail est d’estimer le processus d’appariement mettant en relation le nombre d’embauches ... read more

Asymmetric Growth Impact of Fiscal Policy: A Post-Shock Policy Scenario for Egypt

Hany Abdel-Latif and Tapas Mishra

This paper empirically explores how fiscal policy represented by acceleration in government spending exerts asymmetric ... read more

The Political Economy of Macroeconomic Policy in Arab Resource-Rich Economies

Adeel Malik

Revisiting macroeconomic policies and outcomes of Arab resource-rich economies (RREs), this paper synthesizes the political ... read more

Is Tunisian Trade Policy Pro-Poor?

Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso , Leila Baghdadi and Hendrik Kruse

The main aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of Tunisian trade policy ... read more

Can Gulf Banks Pass the CCAR Stress Tests?

Mahmoud Haddad and Sam Hakim

The absence of a uniform standard for stress tests is a key challenge today for ... read more

Aligning Incentives for Reforming Higher Education in Tunisa

Mongi Boughzala , Samir Ghazouani and Abdelwahab Ben Hafaiedh

This paper is about the institutional and regulatory system governing higher education in Tunisia; its ... read more

The Causal Effect of Education on Health Behaviors: Evidence From Turkey

Aysit Tansel and Deniz Karaoglan

This study provides causal effect of education on health behaviors in Turkey which is a ... read more

Alternative Simulations of Equalization Transfers in Sudan

NourEldin A. Maglad and Eisa A.M. Elshwin

Federal transfers in the Sudan are key to reducing regional disparities and addressing marginalization. While ... read more

Modelling Conditional Volatility and Downside Risk for Istanbul Stock Exchange

Amira Akl Ahmed and Doaa Akl Ahmed

We investigated the impact of alternative variance equation specifications and different densities on the forecasting ... read more

Fiscal Governance in Egypt: Strengthening Budgetary Institutions to Counteract Political Fragmentation

Mohamed Zaky and Sarah El khishin

The paper contributes to discussions on budgetary institutions and fiscal governance in Egypt. It explores ... read more

Politics of Global Value Chains

Julian Hinz and Elsa Leromain

The proliferation of global value chains makes the domestic production of goods increasingly dependent on ... read more