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Household Asset Inequality in Turkey: How Informative is the Survey of Income and Living Conditions?

Cem Baslevent

Using micro data from the Survey of Income and Living Conditions conducted by TurkStat, we ... read more

Empirical Application of Collective Household Labour Supply Model in Iraq

Eleftherios Giovanis and Oznur Ozdamar

In this study we explore the determinants of the women’s labour supply and we attempt ... read more

The Tenacity of the Arab Spring in People’s Perception: Trends in Values Among Egyptians

Mansoor Moaddel

This paper assesses three perspectives on the Arab Spring: (i) a movement toward liberal democracy, ... read more

Does Education Indoctrinate? The Effect of Education on Political Preferences In Democracies and Autocracies

Ishac Diwan and Irina Vartanova

Using World Value Survey and European Value Study data spanning 96 countries and over 300,000 ... read more

Asset Inequality in MENA: The Missing Dimension?

Vladimir Hlasny and Shireen Al Azzawi

Studies of economic inequality have traditionally relied on income or consumption as their welfare aggregate. ... read more

Do Emigrants Self-Select Along Cultural Traits? Evidence From the MENA Countries

Frédéric Docquier , Aysit Tansel and Riccardo Turati

This paper empirically investigates whether emigrants from MENA countries self-select on cultural traits such as ... read more

Sovereign Wealth Funds and Macroeconomic Stabilization in the Home Economy

Ibrahim Elbadawi , Raimundo Soto and Hoda Youssef

The analysis of this paper suggests that SWFs have a robust stabilizing role against fiscal ... read more

On the Determinants of Souverign Wealth Funds’ Investments: Are Arab SWFS Different?

Mohamed El Hedi Arouri , Sabri Boubaker and Wafik Grais

The present study investigates the determinants of Arab sovereign wealth funds' (SWFs) investment decisions. Using ... read more

Sovereign Wealth Funds, Cross-Border Investment Bias and Institutions: The Case of Arab Countries

Ibrahim Elbadawi , Raimundo Soto and Chahir Zaki

SWF surpassed US$ 5.5 trillion in assets in 2014, growing nine-fold since 2002. Typically, SWFs ... read more

Optimal Asset Allocation and Consumption Rules for Commodity-Based Sovereign Wealth Funds

Khouzeima Moutanabbir and Diaa Noureldin

This paper studies the optimal asset allocation for a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) subject to ... read more

Consumption Smoothing and Shock Persistence: Optimal Simple Fiscal Rules for Commodity Exporters

Arthur Mendes and Steven Pennings

A common criticism of balanced budget fiscal rules is that they increase the consumption volatility ... read more

Labor Demand in Tunisia: Size, Structure and Determinants

Sofiane Ghali and Habib Zitouna

This paper explores the employment performance and capacities of the Tunisian private sector with a ... read more

Public-Private Wage Disparities, Employment and Labor Market Segmentation in Tunisia

Ines Bouassida and AbdelRahmen El Lahga

The dysfunction of the Tunisian labor market is exacerbated particularly by the segmentation between public ... read more

Child Labor and Schooling in Tunisia

Mouez Soussi and Donia Smaali Bouhlila

This paper provides evidence on the extent of child labor in Tunisia, its determinants and ... read more

Migration Patterns and Labor Market Outcomes in Tunisia

Anda David and Mohamed Ali Marouani

This paper focuses on the emigration’s effects on non-migrants and particularly on the interactions with ... read more