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A Risk-Hedging View to Refinery Capacity Investment

Hamed Ghoddusi and Franz Wirl

Should oil-rich members of OPEC invest in the oil refinery industry? This is a crucial ... read more

Remittances and Disaggregated Country Risk Ratings in Tunisia: An ARDL Approach

Dorsaf Sridi and Wafa Ghardallou

Tunisia is currently facing political, economic and financial problems that are having an impact on ... read more

Islamic finance and herding behavior theory: a sectoral analysis for Gulf Islamic stock market

Imed Medhioub and Mustapha Chaffai

This study examines herding behavior in four sectors of the Gulf Islamic stock markets. Based ... read more

Innovation technology and environmental sustainability in the case of Tunisia

Fethi Amri

This study examines the relationship between innovation and environmental sustainability in Tunisia over the 1971-2014 ... read more

The Environmental Effects of FDI: Evidence from MENA Countries

Imad Moosa

Empirical work on the environmental effects of FDI has produced a mixed bag of results, ... read more

Healthcare system efficiency and its determinants: A two-stage Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) from MENA countries

Iyad Dhaoui

Efficiency is becoming one of the central preoccupations of health sector due to mounting pressures ... read more

Between Stabilization and Allocation in the MENA Region: Are Competition Laws Helping?

Jala Youssef and Chahir Zaki

In the 1990s, many MENA countries relied on adjustment and stabilization programs offered by international ... read more

An Anatomy of Firm-Level Productivity in Turkey in the AKP Era

Nergiz Dincer and Ayça Tekin-Koru

The main aim of the current paper is to investigate the productivity dynamics of Turkey ... read more

Credit Card Debt: Nescience or Necessity?

G. Gulsun Akin , Ahmet Faruk Aysan , Sezgim Dasdogen and Levent Yildiran

This paper attempts to assess whether the driving factor behind the rising credit card indebtedness ... read more

Macroeconomic Institutions: Lessons from World Experience for MENA Countries

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

What can be learned from the world experience about different macroeconomic institutions, to improve macroeconomic ... read more