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Export Competitiveness: Where Does The Middle East and North Africa Region Stand?

Mona Haddad

Globalization could raise the export opportunities for the MENA region. Given its characteristics and endowments, ... read more

Selecting A Social Choice Rule: An Exploratory Panel Study

Murat Sertel and Ayca E.G. Kara

This study is an attempt to empirically understand public preferences concerning social choice rules. We ... read more

Understanding Good Institutional Design in Hospital Corporatization: A Decision Rights Approach

Florence Eid

Corporatization is a hybrid organizational form between public sector ownership and privatization that is increasingly ... read more

Libre échange et migration marocaine: Une approche par l’équilibre général calculable

Mohamed Bouzahzah and Abid Ihadiyan

Cet article développe un modèle d'équilibre général calculable statique intégrant les principales hypothèses de la ... read more

Mean-Reversion Across MENA Stock Markets: Implications for Portfolio Allocations

Sam Hakim and Simon Neaime

Are stock market returns mean-reverting in the region? Mean reversion in a stock market suggests ... read more

A Var Analysis of Exchange Market Pressure: A Case Study for the MENA Region

Ahmed Kamaly and Nese Erbil

Recent currency crises in Asia and Latin America have once again raised the question of ... read more

Social Security in Egypt: An Analysis and Agenda for Policy Reform

Markus Loewe

This paper analyses Egypt’s social protection systems. It asks why poverty is so widespread and ... read more

Survival of Small-Scale Manufacturing in Cairo During Structural Adjustment Results from a Long-Term Study

Günter Meyer

The structural adjustment policy in Egypt has caused a dramatic decline in demand for many ... read more

Gender-Based Wage Differences, Household Bargaining and Working Women’s Welfare: Theory and Evidence From Izmir, Turkey

Nejat Anbarci and Mine Cinar

This paper looks at household welfare distribution among two-income couples from three social strata in ... read more

Political Business Cycles, Institutional Structure and Budget Deficits in Turkey?

Ibrahim Tutar and Aysit Tansel

This study tests the existence of political business cycles and effects of various instituitonal factors ... read more

Elimination of Poverty: Challenges and Islamic Strategies

Ismail Sirageldin

Poverty is a complex phenomenon, a consequence of lack of growth and inequality. Effective policies ... read more

L’économie Peut-elle Etre Solidaire et Plurielle? Cogito Sur le Pluralisme Economique

H. Zaoual

Cet article est une tentative de synthèse des principaux résultats de la théorie des sites ... read more

Wage Formation and Recurrent Unemployment

Ragui Assaad and Insan Tunali

Cross-section data on non-contractual construction workers in Egypt reveal strong attachment to the sector despite ... read more

Economic Relations Between Palestine, and Israel During The Occupations ERA and the Period of Limited Self-Rule

Fadle Naqib

Abstract This paper intends to analyze the dynamics of the relationship between the Israeli economy and ... read more