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Amirah El-Haddad

Research Associates

Senior Economist/Researcher, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik/ German Development Institute

Areas of Interest:

  • Industrial Organization
  • Industrial Policy
  • Labor Markets
  • Political Economy
  • Gender Wage Equality and Informality


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland at College Park, USA, 2005
  • M.A., Economics of Development (with merit), Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1997
  • B.Sc., Economics, Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, Cairo University, 1993


  • Senior Economist/Researcher German Development Institute (DIE, Bonn, Germany)-present
  • Professor, Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (FEPS), Cairo University, Egypt-present.
  • Visiting Fellow, Stanford University, California USA-Feb 2015.
  • Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, The American University in Cairo, Egypt-2014.

Latest Publications:

  • El-Haddad, A.; J. Hodge and N.Manek (forthcoming), “The Political Economy of a Sector in Crisis: Industrial Policy and Political Connections in the Egyptian Automotive Industry,” Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.
  • El-Haddad, A., (2016; August), “Government Intervention with no Structural Transformation: The
    Challenges of Egyptian Industrial Policy in Comparative Perspective (in Arabic); رؤية لاتجاهات
    السياسة الصناعية المصرية فى ضوء بعض الدراسات المقارنة ” ERF Working Paper Series, No. 1038, Cairo: ERF.
  • El-Haddad, A. (2016), “Female Wages in The Egyptian Textiles and Clothing Industry: Low Pay and Discrimination,” FEPS Journal, 1 (1), January.
  • El-Haddad, A. (2015), “The Causal Chain of Market Based Reform in Egyptian Voice Telecommunication,” Journal of Development Effectiveness, 7(4), December, 499–518.
  • El-Haddad, A. (2015), Breaking the Shackles: The Structural Challenge of Growth and Transformation for Egypt’s Industrial Sector, in Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey and Case Studies, Vol. 2 & 3, 69-109, European Investment Bank. pp 69-107.
  • El-Haddad, A., “The Welfare Effects of Institutional Reform in Public Utilities: The Case of Voice Telecommunication in Egypt,” submitted to Utilities Policy, under consideration.


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