Training Workshop on Opinion Poll Data Analysis Using Multilevel Models

ERF is pleased to announce the opportunity for some 15 participants from the MENA region to participate in a training workshop on analyzing opinion poll data to test theories related to attitudes to gender equality, civic action, democracy and human security and economic policies preferences in the Middle East and North African countries. Deadline for Application: June 26, 2016. The purpose is to link norm changes to underlying circumstances, at the individual level, such as family background, ethnicity, gender, generation and place of origin, as well as at the national level, such as GDP per capita, economic structure, political variables, etc. Under the direction of instructors Ishac Diwan, Irina Vartanova and Eduard Ponarin, the two-days workshop will cover the following themes:
  1. Introduction to multilevel modelling. Random intercept and random slope models. Model specification and group level predicators.
  2. Model diagnostics and selection.
  3. Random effects visualization.
  4. Multilevel logistic regression.
The workshop is part of the capacity building activities carried out by ERF under its Arab Spring Development Initiative (ASDI). ERF will cover the cost of travel and accommodation of successful applicants. The workshop will be held in Beirut during the period August 22-23, 2016.


Applicants should be:
  • Researchers from the MENA region.
  • With Masters or Ph.D in economics or related fields or those in the process of completing their Ph.D. Good command of econometrics, and experience in using econometrics as reflected in at least one article.
Practical sessions will be conducted in R programming language. Prior knowledge of R language basics will be helpful but is not required. All participants will be provided with the software installation instructions and a short handout covering the R language basic syntax necessary for the workshop practical sessions. The workshop will be conducted in English.

Application Procedure

Applications must include a statement of interest indicating why the candidate is interested in the topic of the workshop and how it relates to his or her research, and one paper that shows that the applicant has a basic knowledge of and experience in using econometric techniques, even if in a different field of inquiry. The application forms (download here) must be completed and sent by email together with the applicant’s CV to:

Deadline for submissions: June 26, 2016.

For further queries, please contact Ramage Nada: Please note that unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged.
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