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Promoting Successful Transitions to Employment for Egyptian Youth

Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft

April, 2015


J3. Wages, Compensation, and Labor Costs
J2. Demand and Supply of Labor

This Policy Perspective argues that active labor market policies, such as public employment schemes, wage subsidies, job search assistance, and skills training have not been effective in improving the quantity or quality of employment for youth in the Middle East and North Africa region and will likely not be very effective in the future.

Instead, improving the business climate for small firms, particularly by reducing the regulatory burdens of operation and formalization, can help create employment and improve job quality. Policies that create safe, accessible, and acceptable jobs for young women also play an important role in ensuring successful employment transitions for youth.

Research Fellows

Ragui Assaad

Professor of Planning and Public Affairs, University of Minnesota


Caroline Krafft

Assistant Professor of economics at St. Catherine University



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