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Policy Perspectives

Egypt Post January 2011: An Economic Perspective

Ahmed Galal

This paper offers a road map for future economic development in Egypt post-January 25th Revolution. ... read more

Working Papers

Food Prices and Political Instability

Rabah Arezki and Markus Brückner and

Abstract We examine the effects that variations in the international food prices have on democracy and ... read more

Working Papers

Employment Efficiency and Production Risk in the Tunisian Manufacturing Industries

Almas Heshmati and Ilham Haouas and

Abstract This paper specifies a flexible model of labor demand in the manufacturing sector. The model ... read more

Working Papers

Corporate Governance, Investor Protection, and Firm Performance in MENA Countries

Iftekhar Hasan , Nada Kobeissi, and Liang Song and

Abstract This paper will examine the relationship between firm level governance, country level governance (investor protection) ... read more

Working Papers

Water Scarcity in Jordan: Economic Instruments, Issues and Options

Atif Kubursi , Velma Grover, , Eliza Deutsch, and Abdel Raouf Darwish and

Abstract Physical water scarcity, in the MENA region, is not the only issue. Conditions of economic ... read more

Working Papers

Regulating Industry Emissions: Assessing the Moroccan Cement Experiences

David Maradan and Karim Zein and

Abstract This paper analyzes the way heavy polluting industries may be regulated in the Middle East ... read more

Working Papers

Commodity Price Volatility and The Sources of Growth

Tiago V. de V. Cavalcanti , Kamiar Mohaddes, and Mehdi Raissi and

Abstract This paper studies the impact of the level and volatility of commodity terms of trade ... read more