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Working Papers

Integrated Water Resources Management in Jordan

Velma Grover , Abdel Raouf Darwish, and Eliza Deutsch and

Abstract Jordan is considered one of the 10 most water stressed countries in the world (Ministry ... read more

Working Papers

Managing Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean Sea

Rashid Sumaila

Abstract In order to provide information to improve the stock conservation and sustainability of Atlantic Bluefin ... read more

Working Papers

The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Regional Growth and Poverty in Tunisia

and and

Abstract The paper focuses on how trade reform affected regional growth during the stage of economic ... read more

Working Papers

Poverty Effects from Reforming the Common Agriculture Policy in A Spatially Heterogeneous Agricultural Economy

Mohamed Chemingui

Abstract This paper analyzes the effects of reforming the Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union ... read more

Working Papers

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Palestinian Vocational Education and Training

Mahmoud El Jafari

Abstract Due to the importance of human resource development in Palestine, the issue of matching the ... read more

Working Papers

Poverty and Informality: A Restraining or Constructive Relationship?

Alia El Mahdi

Abstract In this paper, we will attempt to find answers to some questions on the factors ... read more

Working Papers

Cherry Picking or Driving Out Bad Management: Foreign Acquisitions in Turkish Banking

Canan Yildirim

Abstract This paper analyzes the determinants of cross-border acquisitions and the impact of foreign acquisitions on ... read more