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Working Papers

Poverty and Informality: A Restraining or Constructive Relationship?

Alia El Mahdi

Abstract In this paper, we will attempt to find answers to some questions on the factors ... read more

Working Papers

Cherry Picking or Driving Out Bad Management: Foreign Acquisitions in Turkish Banking

Canan Yildirim

Abstract This paper analyzes the determinants of cross-border acquisitions and the impact of foreign acquisitions on ... read more

Working Papers

Assessing The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Wage Inequalities in Egypt: A Microsimulation Analysis

Rana Hendy and Chahir Zaki and

Abstract This paper develops a microsimulation analysis to evaluate the impact of trade liberalization policies in ... read more

Working Papers

Trade Openness, Relative Demand of Skilled Workers and Technological Change in Tunisia, 1998–2002

Monia Ghazali

Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between technological change and the relative demand of skilled workers ... read more

Working Papers

The Unending Search for a New Global Monetary and Financial Architecture

Gerardo della Paolera

Abstract This paper analyzes some key features of the global monetary and financial crisis and the ... read more

Working Papers

The Determinants and Policy Implications of Off-Balance Sheet Activities in MENA Countries Commercial Banks

Ahmad Khasawneh and Kabir Hassan and

Abstract Although there is literature about off-balance sheet (OBS) activities in the banking system, this is ... read more

Working Papers

Financing Higher Education in Tunisia

Tahar Abdessalem

Abstract This paper focuses on Tunisia, which like other developing countries, has allocated increasing levels of ... read more

Working Papers

Generating Reliable Data to Perform Distributional Analysis in the Arab Region

Sami Bibi and AbdelRahmen El Lahga and

Abstract The objective of this paper is twofold. Firstly, we show how reliable datasets can be ... read more