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Working Papers

The Political Economy of Inequality

James Robinson

Abstract The extent of inequality in society is determined by the distribution of assets, the rates ... read more

Working Papers

Trade and Job Reallocation: Evidence for Morocco

Novella Bottini and Michael Gasiorek and

Abstract In this paper we explore the dynamics of labor market adjustment in Morocco with a ... read more

Working Papers

Cooperation Against Theft: A Test of Incentives for Water Management in Tunisia

Wided Mattoussi and Paul Seabright and

Abstract This paper tests the contribution of institutions to the promotion of cooperative behavior, taking seriously ... read more

Working Papers

Geographical Features vs. Institutional Factors: New Perspectives on The Growth of Africa and Middle-East

Olivier Parent and Abdalla Zouache and

Abstract This paper examines Africa’s and Middle East’s growth performance for the period 1990-2005. It employs ... read more

Policy Research Reports

Liberalization of Transport Services in Egypt, Jordan and Morocco

Subidey Togan

This report is about economic liberalization of maritime and road transportation services. It is made ... read more

Working Papers

An Estimation of Service Sectors Restrictiveness in The MENA Region

Novella Bottini and Mohamed Ali Marouani and

Abstract This paper aims at assessing barriers to service provision in the banking, telecom (fixed and ... read more

Working Papers

Optimal Monetary Policy for Postwar Iraq

Bedri Kamil Onur Tas and Selahattin Togay and

Abstract This paper theoretically investigates the optimal monetary policy regime for post-war Iraq. We analyze the ... read more

Working Papers

The Effect of Macroeconomic Environment on Productive Performance in Turkish Banking

Ihsan Isik and Ali Darrat and

Abstract The goal of this paper is to understand the effect of macroeconomic conditions on performance ... read more

Working Papers

Moral Hazard, Corporate Governance, and Bank Failure: Evidence from The 2000-2001 Turkish Crises

Canan Yildirim

Abstract This paper analyzes the role of moral hazard and corporate governance structures in bank failures ... read more