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Working Papers

On the Linkage between Monetary Policy and MENA Stock Markets

Samy Bennaceur , Adel Boughrara, and Samir Ghazouani and

Abstract Relatively little empirical evidence is available that estimates the relationship between asset price movements and ... read more

Working Papers

The 2007 Credit Crisis: A Long-term View

Ismail Sirageldin

Abstract It is fair to say that the 2007 Credit Crisis was born a year ago, ... read more

Working Papers

Economic Performance of the OIC Countries and the Prospect of an Islamic Common Market

Kabir Hassan

Abstract This paper examines economic performance of the OIC member countries and analyzes the prospect of ... read more

Working Papers

Monetary Transmission Mechanisms in Morocco and Tunisia

Adel Boughrara

Abstract Understanding the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, especially the time lag involved between a policy ... read more

Working Papers

To What Extent Can Profit Margin, Value Added Growth and Ownership Concentration Portrait Corporate Governance Systems?

Fathi Abid and Salma Fourati and

Abstract This paper examines how product market competition and corporate governance variables affect differently the productivity ... read more

Working Papers

Informality in Egypt: a Stepping Stone or a Dead End?

Jackline Wahba

Abstract In the last few decades, the informal sector has played a major role in many ... read more

Working Papers

Readiness Of The Gulf Monetary Union: Revisited

Kabir Hassan

Abstract This paper revisits Mehanna’s (2004) assessment of the viability of the future project of the Gulf ... read more