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Working Papers

Inter-party Vote Movements in Turkey: The Role of Economic Evaluations

Ali Akarca and Cem Baslevent and

Abstract Using data drawn from a nationwide voter tendencies survey conducted shortly before the July 2007 ... read more

Policy Research Reports

Equity and Inequality in the Arab Region

Sami Bibi and Mustapha Nabli and

This report provides a review of empirical knowledge about income inequality in the Arab region, ... read more

Policy Perspectives

Development Prospects for North Africa

Ahmed Galal and Khalid Sekkat and

This edition of Policy Perspective explains why the North African region has been successful in ... read more

Working Papers

Optimization of Agricultural Water Use and Trade Patterns: The Case of Iran

Gholamreza Soltani , Mohamed Bakhshoodeh, and M. Zibaei and

Abstract This study addresses the problem of agricultural water use efficiency via optimization of cropping patterns, ... read more

Working Papers

Regional Pro-Poor Growth and Convergence in Tunisia

Ghazi Boulila , Mohamed Trabelsi, and Chaker Gabsi and

Abstract This paper studies the evolution of total and regional poverty in Tunisia using the Growth ... read more

Working Papers

International Corporate Governance and Finance: Legal, Cultural and Political Explanations

Hamadi Matoussi and Maha Khemakhem Jardak and

Abstract Corporate governance has drawn much attention with recent managerial misbehavior and corporate scandals. Various laws ... read more

Working Papers

Regional Employment Growth and Spatial Dependencies in Algeria (1998-2005)

Yacine Belarbi and Abdalla Zouache and

Abstract This paper examines the economic forces that explain regional growth in Algeria in the period ... read more