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Working Papers

The Promise and Peril of Youth Entrepreneurship in MENA

Caroline Krafft and Reham Rizk and

Entrepreneurship is promoted by government policies and international agencies as a solution to high rates ... read more

Working Papers

The Structure of Employment and Job Creation in Jordan: 2010-2016

Ragui Assaad and Colette Salemi and

In this paper, we analyze the structure of employment and job creation in Jordan over ... read more

Working Papers

Transferts de fonds migratoires, chômage et changements démographiques entre la Tunisie et l’Europe

Hajer Habib and Ghazi Boulila and

L’objectif de ce papier est de présenter notre contribution à la littérature théorique à travers ... read more

Working Papers

Inequality of Opportunity in Early Childhood Development in Algeria Over Time

Touhami Abdelkhalek and Moundir Lassassi and

Early childhood is the most important time for human development. However, countries tend to under-invest ... read more

Working Papers

Financial Liquidity, Geopolitics, and Oil Prices

Hany Abdel-Latif and Mahmoud El-Gamal and

This paper aims simultaneously to study the global dynamic relationship of oil prices, financial liquidity, ... read more