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Internal versus International Migration in Egypt: Together or Far Apart

Anda David , Nelly El-Mallakh, and Jackline Wahba and

This paper examines the relationship between internal, international, and return migration in Egypt. Using the ... read more

Working Papers

Social Protection and Vulnerability in Egypt: A Gendered Analysis

Irène Selwaness and Maye Ehab and

This paper presents a comprehensive review of the state of social protection in ... read more

Working Papers

Associations between Economic Vulnerability and Health and Wellbeing in Egypt

Maia Sieverding and Rasha Hassan and

There is a well-established relationship between economic vulnerability and health. The study of this ... read more

Policy Briefs

Diversifying livelihood in Egypt: How is it changing?

Imane Helmy

Livelihood diversification is attracting considerable interest as a tool to cope with economic ... read more

Working Papers

Rural Women in Egypt: Opportunities and Vulnerabilities

Caitlyn Keo , Caroline Krafft, and Luca Fedi and

This paper investigates the lives and livelihoods of rural women in Egypt. Rural ... read more