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Working Papers

Do Migrants Transfer Political and Cultural Norms to Their Origin Country? Some Evidence From Some Arab Countries

Jamal Bouoiyour and Amal Miftah and

This paper explores some political and social consequences of international migration experience and remittance receipt ... read more

Working Papers

Diaspora Networks as a Bridge between Civilizations

Ishac Diwan , Michele Tuccio, and Jackline Wahba and

This paper explores the effect of international migration on the so-called clash of civilizations. Exploiting ... read more

Working Papers

Access to Healthcare, Utilization and Health Outcomes in Turkey

Burhan Can Karahasan and Firat Bilgel and

This paper examines the link between healthcare access/utilization and health outcomes in Turkey within a ... read more

Working Papers

Did the Cost of Living Rise Faster for the Rural Poor?

Shireen Al Azzawi

Inflation has been rising in Egypt over the last decade reaching double digit levels. It ... read more

Working Papers

Reforms and Physicians’ Status in Turkey: Distribution of OOP Health Expenditures for Physicians and Hospitals

Burçay Erus

Turkish health care reforms brought about significant changes regarding the way physicians practice. Dual-time practice, ... read more