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The Work-Life Conflict and Well-Being of Turkish Employees

Cem Baslevent

Using data drawn from the 2004 European Social Survey, we examine the determinants of the ... read more

What Happened to Real Earnings in Egypt, 2008 to 2009?

Paul Cichello , Hala Abou-Ali and Daniela Marotta

Nominal earnings in Egypt were non-responsive to the increase in inflation between February 2008 and ... read more

Efficiency Gains from Liberalizing Labor Mobility

Frédéric Docquier , Joël Machado and Khalid Sekkat

This paper quantifies the effect of a complete liberalization of international migration on the world ... read more

Politico-Economic Development of Turkey and The Transformation of Political Islam

Hasan Ersel

This paper examines Turkey’s economic transition highlighting two objectives: achieving a strong growth performance in ... read more

Distressed Whales on the Nile – Egypt Capitalists in the Wake of the 2010 Revolution

Hamouda Chekir and Ishac Diwan

The paper studies the nature and extent of business privileges in Egypt by looking at ... read more

Exchange Rate Regimes for Post-conflict Recovery

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Raimundo Soto

This paper asks whether the choice of the exchange regime matters for economic recovery after ... read more

Approche de négociation dans le cadre d’un accord de libre échange régional liant des pays du MENA

Nabil Boubrahimi

Ce papier analyse des positions de négociations dans le cadre d’un accord régional sur le ... read more

How Different Are the Wage Curves for Formal and Informal Workers? Evidence from Turkey

Badi Baltagi , Yusuf Soner Baskaya and Timur Hulagu

This paper estimates wage curves for formal and informal workers using a rich individual level ... read more

The Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey: Introducing the 2012 Round

Ragui Assaad and Caroline Krafft

This paper introduces the 2012 round of the Egyptian Labor Market Panel Survey (ELMPS), a ... read more

Structural Labor Market Transitions and Wage Dispersion in Egypt and Jordan

Shaimaa Yassin

In this paper we determine the feasibility of using data from the Egyptian Labor Market ... read more

What Determines the Access to Finance of SMEs? Evidence from the Egyptian Case

Hala El-Said , Mahmoud Al-Said and Chahir Zaki

Financial services seem to be underutilized by small and medium enterprises (SMEs); only 50 percent ... read more

Aid, Exchange Rate Regimes and Post-conflict Monetary Stabilization

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Raimundo Soto

This paper asks whether the choice of the exchange regime matters for macroeconomic stabilization in ... read more

The Global Impact of the Systemic Economies and MENA Business Cycles

Paul Cashin , Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi

This paper analyzes spillovers from macroeconomic shocks in systemic economies (China, the Euro Area, and ... read more

Terrorism and Integration of Muslim Immigrants

Ahmed Elsayed and Andries de Grip

We study the effect that a series of fundamentalist-Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe had on ... read more

Contribution of Structural Change to Productivity Growth: Evidence from Tunisia

Mohamed Ali Marouani and Rim Mouelhi

The objective of this paper is to analyze the evolution of productivity and the contribution ... read more