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Globalization and Deregulation in MENA Countries

Hadi Salehi Esfahani

Abstract This paper develops a theoretical model of direct foreign investment to analyze the changing role ... read more

Cooperative Strategies: Performance Determinants and Implications for the MENA Region

Taieb Hafsi

Abstract There is increasing support for the need to link the resources available to the nature ... read more

Determinants of School Attainment of Boys and Girls in Turkey

Aysit Tansel

Abstract This study investigates the determinants of school attainments of boys and girls in Turkey. Although ... read more

Reseaux Sociaux Et Insertion Sur Le Marche Du Travail En Algerie

Moundir Lassassi and Christophe Muller

In this paper, we analyze the effect of recruitment channels on the Algerian labor market, ... read more

Assessing the Impact of Trade Reforms on Informality in Egypt

Irène Selwaness and Chahir Zaki

This paper proposes an empirical investigation of the effect of trade liberalization on informality in ... read more

Factors Affecting the Choice of Households’ Primary Cooking Fuel in Sudan

Kabbashi Suliman

The aim of this paper is to examine the factors affecting households’ choices of primary ... read more

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Urban Economies: A Comparative Study of Egypt and Turkey at the Province Level

Fatma El-Hamidi and Cem Baslevent

This paper examines how businesses operating in areas with differing rates of urbanization differ from ... read more

Wages and On-the-Job Training in Tunisia

Christophe Muller and Christophe Nordman

In this paper, we conduct an econometric analysis of the links of on-the-job training (OJT) ... read more

Does Islamic Banking Development Favor Macroeconomic Efficiency? Evidence on The Islamic Finance – Growth Nexus

Laurent Gheeraert and Laurent Weill

This paper evaluates if the development of Islamic banking influences macroeconomic efficiency. We contribute then ... read more

Understanding Democratic Transitions in The Arab World

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Samir Makdisi

The recent Arab uprisings have forced a new trajectory of transitions to democracy from the ... read more

Accounting Information System of Tunisian SMEs: Complexity, Determinants and Impact on Financial Performance

Yosra Nouir and Sami Mensi

This research is twofold. The first is to identify potential determinants of Accounting Information System ... read more

Modeling Political Performance of Islamist and Islamist-Rooted Parties in Turkey

Ali Akarca

The results of seventeen Turkish elections for parliament and local administrations between 1975 and 2011 ... read more

The Effect of Tutoring on Secondary Streaming in Egypt

Asmaa Elbadawy

In Egypt, tutoring has developed beyond being a remedial education activity for academically weak students ... read more