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Spatial Drivers of Firm Entry in Iran

Iman Cheratian , Saleh Goltabar and Carla Daniela Calá

Given the importance of entry promotion to prompt economic growth and promote structural transformation, this ... read more

Global Value Chain Integration and Productivity: The Case of Turkish Manufacturing Firms

Yilmaz Kilicaslan , Uğur Aytun and Oytun Meçik

In this study, we examine how firms’ positions (supplier, consumer, or both) in both global ... read more

The Role of Labor Market Frictions in Structural Transformation

Khalid El Fayoumi and Gregory Auclair

Against what theory predicts, large productivity gaps across sectors persist and the process of structural ... read more

Persistence and Change in Marriage Practices Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Maia Sieverding , Caroline Krafft , Nasma Berri and Caitlyn Keo

Since the onset of the Syrian conflict there has been considerable attention to reports of ... read more

State-Business Relations and Financial Accessibility: Explaining Firm Performance in the MENA Region

Burhan Can Karahasan and Firat Bilgel

This study investigates the triangular relationship among state-business relations, financial access and economic performance using ... read more

The Nexus Between Business-Investment Climate and Firm Performance in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

Eleftherios Giovanis and Oznur Ozdamar

Business and investment climate indicators are relations between the public and private sectors. They may ... read more

Sources of Heterogeneity in Labor Productivity and Total Factor Productivity in Egyptian Manufacturing

Abeer Elshennawy and Mohamed Bouaddi

Egypt Ranking in the World Competitiveness Report deteriorated between 2004 and 2017. Boosting competitiveness requires ... read more

Youth Vulnerability in Egypt and Jordan: Dimensions and Determinants

Shireen Al Azzawi and Vladimir Hlasny

Youth unemployment in the MENA region is the highest in the world, at over 40% ... read more

Are the Credit Rating Agencies Biased Against MENA Countries?

A. Talha Yalta and Yasemin Yalta

We investigate the claims on regional biases in the sovereign credit ratings assigned by Fitch ... read more

The Political Economy of Business Elites in Tunisia: Actors, Strategies and Identities

Mohamed Oubenal and Houda Ben Hamouda

When the Tunisian government seized the assets of the Ben Ali clan in 2011, prosperous ... read more

Impact of Informal Job-search on Wages for University Graduates in Egypt and Jordan

Obbey Ahmed Elamin

This research examines the impact of informal job search on wage for university graduates on ... read more

State Business Relations and the Dynamics of Job Flows in Egypt and Turkey

Eleftherios Giovanis and Oznur Ozdamar

This study is motivated by the ongoing interest of policy makers in the possible sources ... read more

Global Value Chains and Business Environment: Which Factors Do Really Matter?

Marion Dovis and Chahir Zaki

This study attempts to assess the effect of business environment on the possibility of a ... read more