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The Link between Health Condition Costs and Standard of Living: A Structural Equation Modelling

Oznur Ozdamar and Eleftherios Giovanis

This study employs a Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to explore the health related costs using ... read more

I’ve Got the Power: Mapping Connections between Lebanon’s Banking Sector and the Ruling Class

Jad Chaaban

This paper explores the extent to which local commercial banks in Lebanon are linked to ... read more

Trade between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia: Prospects and Challenges for Trilateral Trade Integration

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia possess potential natural and human resources, which can entail successful trade ... read more

Inequality of Opportunity in Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa

Caroline Krafft and Halimat Alawode

Problems with inequality have been at the forefront of recent events in the Middle East ... read more

Energy Subsidy Reform in Egypt: The Gender – “Energy” Poverty Nexus

Fatma El-Hamidi

The purpose of this study is to quantify the effects of the current energy reform ... read more

Do Political Connections Reduce Job Creation? Evidence from Lebanon

Ishac Diwan and Jamal Ibrahim Haidar

Using firm-level census data, we determine how politically-connected firms (PCFs) reduce job creation in Lebanon. ... read more

Political Connections and Public Procurement in Turkey: Evidence from Construction Work Contracts

Esra Çeviker Gürakar and Tuba Bircan İldiri

Using a unique dataset of 17,937 high value public work construction procurements made between 2004 ... read more

Oil Prices and the Global Economy: Is It Different This Time Around?

Kamiar Mohaddes and Hashem Pesaran

The recent plunge in oil prices has brought into question the generally accepted view that ... read more

Does International Migration Help Them Marry earlier? A Hazard Model for the Case of Egypt

Anda David and Rana Hendy

Marriage represents an important step of entering adulthood in the Egyptian society and its delay ... read more

Why is Fertility on the Rise in Egypt? The Role of Women’s Employment Opportunities

Caroline Krafft

Can declining employment opportunities for women reverse the fertility transition? This paper presents new evidence ... read more

Accessibility, Transportation Cost and Regional Growth: A Case Study for Egypt

Dina Elshahawany , Eduardo A. Haddad and Michael L. Lahr

The potential ability of transport infrastructure investments to produce transport benefits depends on the travel ... read more

Inequality of Opportunities among Tunisian Children over Time and Space

Hatem Jemmali

This paper attempts to provide additional light on the structure and dynamics of inequality of ... read more

Twins, Family Size, and Female Labor Force Participation in Iran

Mahdi Majbouri

Despite the rapid rise of women’s education and the fall of their fertility rates in ... read more