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The Effect of Public Sector on Private Jobs: Evidence From the Occupied West Bank

Belal Fallah

This paper estimates the short run effect of creating more public jobs on private employment ... read more

The Political Economy of Macroeconomic Policy in Arab Resource- Rich Economies

Adeel Malik

Revisiting macroeconomic policies and outcomes of Arab resource-rich economies (RREs), this paper synthesizes the political ... read more

Fiscal- Monetary Interdependence and Exchange Rate Regimes in Oil Dependent Arab Economies

Ibrahim Elbadawi , Mohamed Goaied and Moez Ben Tahar

This paper contributes to the literature on the interdependence between fiscal and monetary policies in ... read more

Oil, Volatility and Institutions: Cross-Country Evidence From Major Oil Producers

Amany El Anshasy , Kamiar Mohaddes and Jeffrey Nugent

This paper examines the long-run effects of oil revenue and its volatility on economic growth ... read more

Education and the Allocation of Time of Married Women in Iran

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani and Sara Taghvatalab

In the past two decades Iranian women have become much better educated and reduced their ... read more

Muslim Youth Unemployment and Expat Jihadism- Bored to Death?

Moamen Gouda and Marcus Marktanner

While the presence of foreign fighters in military conflict has been a regular ingredient of ... read more

The Political Economy of A Sector in Crisis: Industrial Policy and Political Connections in the Egyptian Automotive Industry

Amirah El-Haddad , Jeremy Hodge and Nizar Manek

The Egyptian automotive industry developed under the country’s policy of import substitution industrialization (ISI). It ... read more

The Impact of the Fracking Boom on Arab Oil Producers

Lutz Kilian

This paper makes four contributions.  First, it investigates the extent to which the U.S. fracking ... read more

The Regional Impact of Trade Liberalization on Households in Egypt, 1999-2012

Jérémie Gignoux and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann

This paper assesses the impact of trade liberalization in Egypt by comparing regions more exposed ... read more

The Economic Response of Rural Areas to Local Supply Shock: Evidence From Palestine

Belal Fallah

This paper examines the economic effect of return commuting from the Israeli labor market on ... read more

Revisiting the Impact of Trade Openness on Informal and Irregular Employment in Egypt

Mélika Ben Salem and Chahir Zaki

This paper examines the impact of trade openness on job quality through the evolution of ... read more

Do Sovereign Wealth Funds Dampen the Negative Effects of Commodity Price Volatility?

Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi

This paper studies the impact of commodity terms of trade (CToT) volatility on economic growth ... read more

Incentive-Based Regulations and Bank Restructuring in Egypt

Alaa El-Shazly

The Egyptian authorities undertook major banking reforms in the 1990s to create a more efficient ... read more