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Marriage, Fertility, and Women’s Agency in Tunisia

Ragui Assaad , Samir Ghazouani and Caroline Krafft

Three important interconnected spheres shape women’s lives in Tunisia: marriage, fertility and agency over their ... read more

Public-Private Wage Differentials In Tunisia: Consistency and Decomposition

Mohamed Amara , Wajih Khallouli and Faicel Zidi

In this paper we estimate and decompose the public-private wage differentials for both rural and ... read more

Determinants and Macroeconomic Impact of Parallel Market For Foreign Exchange in Sudan

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla

This paper attempts to identify the factors that influencing the parallel exchange rate premium in ... read more

Employment and the Functioning of the Labor Market in Tunisia

Mongi Boughzala

The main purpose of this paper is to study the functioning of the Tunisian labor ... read more

Governance and Renewable Energy Investment in MENA Countries: How Does Trade Matter?

Rihab Bellakhal , Sonia Ben Kheder and Houda Haffoudhi

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries have recently developed their renewable energy markets. However, ... read more

The Impact of Foreign Capital Inflows on Economic Growth and Employment in Egypt: A Sectoral Empirical Analysis

Hanan Aboel Farag and Mohamed Sayed Abed

This paper traces the effect of “Greenfield Investment” disaggregated into six sectors on the one ... read more

The Composition of Labor Supply and Unemployment in Tunisia

Ragui Assaad , Samir Ghazouani and Caroline Krafft

This paper examines labor supply in Tunisia in relation to key demographic characteristics such as ... read more

Fiscal Consolidation and UAE Vision 2021: A Small Scale Macroeconomic Model Approach

Assil El Mahmah and Magda Kandil

Given the persistence of low oil prices, which has become the new norm, and the ... read more

Does Maternal Employment Affect Child Nutrition Status? New Evidence From Egypt

Ahmed Rashad and Mesbah Sharaf

Despite that maternal employment can increase family income, several studies have suggested that it has ... read more

Why Don’t MENA Countries Trade More? The Curse of Bad Institutions

Fida Karam and Chahir Zaki

This paper explores the relation between institutions and trade in the Middle East and North ... read more

Institutional Environment and Bank Capital Ratios

Tammuz Alraheb , Christina Nicolas and Amine Tarazi

We investigate the influence of the institutional environment on bank capital levels. Using a sample ... read more

Knowledge, Technological Catch-Up and Economic Growth: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis For MENA and Latin America

Fatma M. Utku-İsmihan

This paper aims to investigate the role of various knowledge indicators (human capital, research and ... read more

Analyzing Wage Differentials by Fields of Study: Evidence From Turkey

Antonio Di Paolo and Aysit Tansel

This paper analyzes the drivers of wage differences among college graduates who hold a degree ... read more

Regional Inequalities in Child Malnutrition in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen: A Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Analysis

Mesbah Sharaf and Ahmed Rashad

There is substantial evidence that on average, urban children have better health outcomes than rural ... read more