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Islamic Finance and GCC Economic Integration

Russell Krueger

The GCC has a mixed conventional and Islamic financial system in which overall ... read more

From Oil Rents to Inclusive Growth: Lessons from the MENA Region

Hassan Hakimian

A copious literature on resource curse correlates oil rents with poor economic outcomes ... read more

The performance of Islamic banks in the MENA region: Are specific risks a minor attribute?

Imène Berguiga , Philippe Adair , Nadia Zrelli and Ali Abdallah

Islamic banks face specific risks related to Sharia-compliant contracts. We provide an exhaustive literature ... read more

Education and Labor Market Consequences of Student Protests in Late 1970s and the Subsequent Military Coup in Turkey

Ahmet Ozturk and Semih Tumen

1970s witnessed violent, widespread, and highly-politicized student protests in Turkey. Small protests turned into ... read more

What are the Drivers of Egypt’s Government Debt?

Sara B. Alnashar

Is government debt solely a fiscal phenomenon? This paper aims to understand what ... read more

The Topography and Sources of Multidimensional Poverty in Turkey

Burhan Can Karahasan and Firat Bilgel

Economic inequality and poverty have been extensively analyzed in monetary terms and the ability ... read more

Gender Discrimination among College Graduates – Evidence from Developing Country

Binnur Balkan and Seyit Mümin Cilasun

In this study, we conduct a multiple identity correspondence audit study that we ... read more

The Formulation of a Regional Opportunity Index: Empirical Evidence from Tunisia

Lamia Mokaddem and Imtinen ben Saied

The aim of this paper is to propose a new measure of regional development which ... read more


Hajer Habib and Ghazi Boulila

Based on the characteristics of the Tunisian and European economy and its evolution ... read more

Trends and Patterns of Women’s Enterpreneurship in Egypt

Reham Rizk and Ali Rashed

This paper conducts a detailed analysis of the trends and patterns of women’s role in ... read more

Inequality and Income Mobility in Egypt

Mona Said , Rami Galal and Mina Sami

This paper explores trends in wage and income levels and inequality and mobility in Egypt, especially ... read more

The Growth Effects of El Niño and La Niña: Local Weather Conditions Matter

Cécile Couharde , Rémi Generoso , Olivier Damette and Kamiar Mohaddes

This paper contributes to the climate-economy literature by analysing the role of weather patterns in ... read more

Employment transitions of Youth and mental health implications in Egypt

Maye Ehab

Youth in Egypt suffer from high rates of unemployment and inactivity. They are also heavily ... read more

Internal versus International Migration in Egypt: Together or Far Apart

Anda David , Nelly El-Mallakh and Jackline Wahba

This paper examines the relationship between internal, international, and return migration in Egypt. Using the ... read more