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Access to Healthcare, Utilization and Health Outcomes in Turkey

Burhan Can Karahasani and Firat Bilgel

This paper examines the link between healthcare access/utilization and health outcomes in Turkey within a ... read more

Reforms and Physicians’ Status in Turkey: Distribution of OOP Health Expenditures for Physicians and Hospitals

Burçay Erus

Turkish health care reforms brought about significant changes regarding the way physicians practice. Dual-time practice, ... read more

Long-Range Dependence in Daily Volatility on Tunisian Stock Market

Chaker Aloui

The aim of this paper is to enfold the volatility dynamics on the Tunisian stock ... read more

Designing Institutions and Incentives in Hospitals: An Organization Economics Methodology

Florence Eid

Recent seminal developments in organization economics, namely the decision rights approach, offer an opportunity to ... read more

Poverty Causes in Sudan: Some Economic and Political Aspects 1990-2000

Khalid Ali El Amin

Despite some increases in the GDP during the second half of the 1990s, Sudan remains ... read more

Assessment of FDI Incentives in Egypt

Nada Massoud

The paper tests the hypothesis that the FDI incentives scheme that Egypt chose to adopt ... read more

The Myth of Export-Led Growth

Khalid Abu-Ismail

The relationship between openness and economic growth is rather complex. As Taylor (91) put it: ... read more

Arab Financial Sector Development and Institutions

Mohamed Nagy Eltony

Arab countries like other developing countries have embarked on financial sector reforms since the early ... read more

Private Tutoring Expenditures in Turkey

Aysit Tansel and Fatma Bircan

This is the first study on private tutoring in Turkey. Private tutoring especially for the ... read more

Determinants of Unemployment Duration For Men and Women

Aysit Tansel and H. Mehmet Tasci

There are few studies on unemployment duration in developing countries. This is the first study ... read more

On The Impact of Labor Tax Reforms on Unemployment in Tunisia

Sami Bibi

The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of tax reforms on unemployment ... read more

GCC and The Arab Economy: Growth, Reform and Regionalization

Essam Montasser and Osman M. Osman

This study attempts to shed some light on the analytical underpinnings of this evaluation with ... read more