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Reforming Fiscal Institutions in Resource-Rich Arab Economies: Policy Proposals

Kamiar Mohaddes , Jeffrey Nugent and Hoda Selim

This paper traces the evolution of fiscal institutions of Resource Rich Arab Economies (RRAEs) over ... read more

Schooling Choices’ Responses to Labor Market Shocks: Evidence From a Natural Experiment

Belal Fallah and Ayhab Saad

This paper uses the closure of Israeli labor market to examine the effect of a ... read more

Oil Revenues Shocks and Inequality in Iran

Mohammad Reza Farzanegan and Tim Krieger

We study the responses of income inequality to positive per capita oil and gas revenues ... read more

Armed Conflict and Child Labor: Evidence from Iraq

George Naufal , Michael Malcolm and Vidya Diwakar

This paper examines the relationship between armed conflict intensity and child labor using household level ... read more

Does Central Bank Independence Matter in Arab Oil Exporters

Hoda Selim

The paper shows that central banks in Arab oil exporters are not independent. Low independence ... read more

Do More Productive Firms Pay Workers More? Evidence from Egypt

Caroline Krafft and Ragui Assaad

Theoretically, in perfectly competitive markets with full information, marginal productivity of labor and workers’ wages ... read more

Education of Jordanians: Outcomes in a Challenging Environment

Mahmoud Ali Hailat

This paper employs the Jordan Labor Market Panel Survey 2010 and 2016 waves to investigate ... read more

Time Poverty in Egypt and Tunisia: Is There A Gender Gap?

Hanan Nazier and Asmaa Ezzat

This paper investigates the gender differences in time poverty in two MENA countries, particularly Egypt ... read more

Determinants of Fertility and Population Policies in MENA Countries

Mehmet Serkan Tosun and Jingjing Yang

In this study, we examine the relationship between fertility and population policies and other potential ... read more

Own Account Workers in Jordan: Profile and Work Characteristics

Reham Rizk and Colette Salemi

In this paper, we compare own account workers (employers and the self-employed) to private sector ... read more

Gender Differences and Time Allocation: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt and Tunisia

Hanan Nazier and Asmaa Ezzat

This  paper  aims  at  examining  the  gender  differences  in  time  allocation  between  market,  house  and  ... read more

Financial Development and Poverty Reduction: A Study of Middle-Income Countries

Nasreddine Kaidi and Sami Mensi

This paper examines the impact of financial development on poverty in middle-income countries. To that ... read more

The Quality of Life of Youth with Disabilities in Egypt with Special Focus on Educational Achievement

Somaya El-Saadani and Soha Metwally

Although youth with disabilities represent a heterogeneous group with respect to disability domain and degree ... read more

Impact of Syrian Refugees in Jordan on Education Outcomes for Jordanian Youth

Ragui Assaad , Thomas Ginn and Mohamed Saleh

This paper examines the impact of Syrian refugees during the Syrian Civil War on the ... read more

Migration Shocks and Housing: Evidence from the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan

Ibrahim Al Hawarin , Ragui Assaad and Ahmed Elsayed

This paper investigates the impact of migration shocks on housing conditions and rental prices for ... read more