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Exporting Labor or Goods? Long-Term Implications for The Palestinian Economy

Claus Astrup and Sébastien Dessus

The restricted access of the Israeli labor market to Palestinian workers is a major negative ... read more

The Effect of Distribution on Accumulation, Capacity Utilization and Employment: Testing the Wage-Led Hypothesis for Turkey

Özlem Onaran and Engelbert Stockhammer

This paper analyzes the impact of distribution on accumulation, capacity utilization and employment for Turkey ... read more

Labor Market Competitiveness and Flexibility in Egypt

Naglaa El-Ehwany and Manal Metwally

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the structure and performance of the labor ... read more

Export-Led versus Import Substitution Industries: The Food Industry in Jordan

Ibrahim Saif

Many analysts believe that export-led policies improve technical efficiency. This is the main focus of ... read more

The Gender Dimensions of Poverty in Egypt

Heba El-Laithy

Gender dimensions of poverty are addressed, using the recent Household Expenditure, Income and Consumption Survey ... read more

The Determinants of Urban and Rural Poverty in Tunisia

Samir Ghazouani and Mohamed Goaied

The aim of this study is to identify the determinants of poverty in Tunisia, both ... read more

Historical Legacies and Gender Attitudes in the Middle East

Veronica Kostenko , Eduard Ponarin , Musa Shteiwi and Olga Strebkova

This paper focuses on transformations of gender attitudes in a set of Arab societies covered ... read more

Comparing Effects of General Subsidies and Targeted Transfers on Poverty: Robustness Analysis Using Data Set from Tunisia

Sami Bibi

This paper starts by presenting a descriptive analysis of the effects of general food subsidies ... read more

Economic Development and Female Labor Force Participation in Turkey: Time-Series Evidence and Cross-Province Estimates

Aysit Tansel

Recently, several researchers hypothesized that the female labor force participation rate exhibits a U-shape during ... read more

Testing the Efficiency of Turkish Banks

Ali Argun Karacabey

This paper reports results from the application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) on Turkish commercial ... read more