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The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in MENA Countries: An Extreme Bounds Analysis

Imad Moosa

The determinants variables of FDI inflows are examined by applying extreme bounds analysis to a ... read more

Micro and Small Enterprises in Turkey: Uneasy Development

Semsa Ozar

The role played by Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in the Turkish economy has attracted ... read more

Dynamisme de la Micro et Petite Entreprise au Maroc

Bachir Hamdouch

La micro et petite entreprise (MPE), définie comme l’entreprise employant moins de cinquante personnes, représente ... read more

Micro and Small Enterprises in Lebanon

Kamal Hamdan

Similar to most countries in the region, economic growth and technological progress have been slow ... read more

Obstacles To Technology Adoption for Small and Medium Farms in the Arid and Semi Arid Areas of Maghreb

Véronique Alary

The agricultural sector in the Maghreb is characterized by small and medium farms (approx 3 ... read more

Pricing Irrigation Water: Focusing on Sustainability

Gholamreza Soltani

Conceptually, farmer performance in terms of efficiency and sustainability is influenced by decision-making environments and ... read more

Forecasting Asset Returns in some MENA Countries: Impact on Privatization

Ahmed Abutaleb and Fatma Lajeri

The road to a free market economy entails the selling of publicly owned enterprises. It ... read more

Migration and Mobility in the Egyptian Labor Market

Barry McCormick and Jackline Wahba

The objective of this project is to build a picture of various dimensions of labor ... read more

Fertility, Human Capital, and Macroeconomic Performance: Long-Term Interactions and Short-Run Dynamics

Ali Darrat and Darwish Yousef

Literature suggests that a fruitful inquiry into the fertility/ economic development nexus should focus not ... read more