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The Fable of the Bees: Humanity in the 21st Century – Begin or End?

Ismail Sirageldin

The first arrival of humanity to earth was Adam and Eve. It took time for ... read more

The Environment and the Economy in the Arab World

Hala Abou-Ali and Alban Thomas

Environmental concerns in the Arab world are very rarely taken into consideration when designing public ... read more

Welfare Effects of Institutional Reform in Public Utilities: The Case of Voice Telecommunication in Egypt

Amirah El-Haddad and Khaled Attia

Many countries, including Egypt, have undergone significant utility sector reform since the 1990s. This case ... read more

Oil, Economic Diversification, and Development in the Arab World

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Alan Gelb

This report aims at providing ERF with a sound basis for selecting and designing a ... read more

Financing Higher Education in Arab Countries

Ahmed Galal and Taher Kanaan

Education can be a powerful force in the process of speeding up economic growth, improving ... read more

Equity and Inequality in the Arab Region

Sami Bibi and Mustapha Nabli

This report provides a review of empirical knowledge about income inequality in the Arab region, ... read more

Liberalization of Transport Services in Egypt, Jordan and Morocco

Subidey Togan

This report is about economic liberalization of maritime and road transportation services. It is made ... read more

Overlapping Trade Agreements: Status and Challenges for Morocco

Lahcen Achy and Khalid Sekkat

Signing multiple trade agreements has become the rule for most countries, and Morocco is no ... read more

Some Socioeconomic and Political Aspects of the Dynamics and Coping with Poverty in Rural and Urban Sudan

Khalid Ali El Amin

This research would focus on two main issues: First, after reviewing the literature and the ... read more

Some Aspects of Liquidity In Islamic Banks (ISBs): A Case Study of Selected Banks in The MENA Region

Badr-El-Din Ibrahim and K.C. Vijaykumar

In the international scene, there is greater focus on financial stability. Various research organizations and ... read more