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Senior Associates

Our Senior Associates

Senior Associates are senior professionals whose past research credentials and present position of influence provides an essential channel of communication with the policymaking community. Senior Associates are nominated by Research Fellows and/ or Board members, according to criteria that takes into account past research track record, current position of influence, international reputation and potential contribution to the ERF mission.

our Affiliates

ERF affiliates form the backbone of our network, representing 20 countries in the region, with 70 percent of all affiliates residing in the region.  Currently, there are 311 affiliates: 179 Research Fellows, 66 Research Associates, 42 Senior Associates and 24 Policy Affiliates.

Other affiliates

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Habib El-Malki

Former Minister of Education, Morocco

Faika El-Refaie

Former Governor, Central Bank of Egypt

Shahrokh Fardoust

The College of William and Mary

Bernard Hoekman

Professor and Program Director, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute

Jalaleddin Jalali

Member of Academic Staff and Head of the Globalization Studies Group, Institute for Management and Planning Studies, Tehran, Iran

Taher Kanaan

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

Robert Kasparian

Senior adviser for National Accounts at Presidency of Concil of Ministers

Robert Mabro

Fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford

Samir Makdisi

Professor Emeritus of Economics, American University of Beirut

Michel Marto

Chairman, Housing Bank for Trade & Finance

Ali Naghi Mashyayekhi

Dean, Graduate School of Management and Systems, Sharif University of Technology

Mahmoud Mohieldin

The World Bank

Hicham Mutwally

Economic Consultant

Mustapha Nabli

North Africa Bureau of Economic Studies (NABES)

Masoud Nili

Head of Economics Department, Sharif University of Technology

Jeffrey Nugent

Professor of Economics, University of Southern California