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Working Papers

Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Understanding the Determinants of Employment Creation in the Labor Market in MENA Countries

The Middle East region has suffered from major unemployment problems that constituted a chief determinant ... read more

Working Papers

The Impact of the Palestinian Labor Law of 2000 on Youth Employment

Abstract Unemployment protection legislation is often created in a way that benefits workers who already have ... read more

Working Papers

Turnover and Job Tenure for Palestinian Workers, 1998-2008

Abstract Understanding the nature of unemployment and employment relationship has been a key research goal of ... read more

Working Papers

Labor Market Regulations and Unemployment Duration in Palestine

Abstract Understanding the nature of unemployment has been a key research goal for economists since the ... read more

Working Papers

Wage Differential between Urban and Rural Palestine: The Shadow of Palestinian- Israeli Conflict

The objective of this paper is to explore the impact of Israel's development restrictions on ... read more


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