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Working Papers

Migration Patterns and Labor Market Outcomes in Tunisia

This paper focuses on the emigration’s effects on non-migrants and particularly on the interactions with ... read more

Policy Briefs

The Impact of Emigration on MENA Labor Markets

In a Nutshell The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has seen large volumes of ... read more

Working Papers

Does International Migration Help Them Marry earlier? A Hazard Model for the Case of Egypt

Marriage represents an important step of entering adulthood in the Egyptian society and its delay ... read more

Working Papers

Determinants Of Emigration: Evidence From Egypt

Abstract This paper analyzes the determinants of emigration at the individual and household level, using three ... read more

Policy Perspectives

Can Labor Mobility Spark Employment in Tunisia?

While most studies focus on host countries, empirical analysis on sending countries is often lacking. ... read more


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