Optimal exchange rate regimes and Dutch disease in resource-rich economies

The second session of the conference “Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in the Arab World” was dedicated to discuss “Optimal Exchange Rate Regimes and Dutch Disease in Resource-Rich Economies”. Magda Kandil, Executive Director and Director of Research, Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES), presented her paper on “Oil Dependency and exchange Rate Regimes in the Arab Oil Economies: A time to Rethink the Paradigm?”. Watch highlights from Magda Kandil sharing the key findings of the research: http://youtu.be/3fcDRsVhBfA Daniela Marotta, Country Economist, World Bank, presented a paper on “Rents, Dutch Disease and Services Sectors in MENA: Evidence from MENA Resource-Rich Countries” - part of a forthcoming World Bank publication on Natural Resources Abundance, Growth and Diversification in MENA (Diop, Marotta and De Melo eds). The report aims at pinpointing the macroeconomic factors behind MENA’s little diversification away from natural resources over the last 30 years, while looking at the role of the real exchange rate, fiscal policy, weak links and trade. Watch highlights from Daniela Marotta sharing the key findings of the research: http://youtu.be/2pzCgVBrmYo
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