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Palestine: From Dependent to Autonomous Growth




Economic Research Forum (ERF)


July, 1994



Abstract This paper explores the issues and choices thrown up by the current state of development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the economic agreements that could emerge from the on-going peace negotiations. The present economic crisis is related to the uneven pace and distorted nature of growth in the past, as well as to the sequence of adverse economic shocks of the 1980s. In the future, policies will be central to a reorientation in the pattern of development. The paper discusses the desirable components of a post-peace economic strategy which would lead to a more autonomous growth path. Arabic Abstract:
تحاول الورقة تحليل القضايا والاختيارات التى تطرحها التطورات الحالية فى الاراضى المحتلة والاتفاقيات الاقتصادية التى يمكن ان تتمخض عن مفاوضات السلام الجارية. وتستعرض الورقة اولاً التاريخ الاقتصادى للاراضى المحتلة وترجع الازمة الحالية الى طبيعة النمو غير ا
Palestine: From Dependent to Autonomous Growth

Research Fellows

Ishac Diwan

Director of Research, Finance for Development Lab,...