Working Papers

An Input-Output Analysis of Employment Structure in Turkey:1973 – 1990




Economic Research Forum (ERF)


July, 1998


J. Labor and Demographic Economics

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact of the 1980 liberalization program on the structure of sectoral employment in Turkey. 1973 is a representative year for the inward looking import substitution era (1960-1979) and 1990 for the export promotion era (1980- ). We use semi-closed demand-side and supply-side input-output models to compare the employment generation degrees of the industries in the two periods. Employment linkages indicate that from 1973 to 1990 there has been a significant overall fall in terms of employment generation. Moreover, contrary to expectation the outcome of the 1980 program has been the emergence services with banking being a leader in employment generation. Arabic Abstract:
الغرض من هذا البحث هو تقييم أثر برنامج التحرير لسنة 1980 على هيكل العمالة القطاعية فى تركيا. وتعتبر سنة 1973 سنة ممثلة لحقبة إحلال الواردات والاتجاه الى الداخل (1960 - 1979)، كما تعتبر سنة 1990 سنة ممثلة لحقبة ترويج الصادرات(1980 - ). ونحن نستخدم نماذج ا