Working Papers

Animal Protein Food Consumption Patterns and Consumer Behavior




Economic Research Forum (ERF)


August, 1995


Q. Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Environmental and Ecological Economics

Abstract This study investigates the consumption pattern of animal protein as a major food group that may reflect society's welfare. A comparative analysis of the estimated trend of five animal food products derived from the Food Balance Sheet (1976-1991) and Household Budget Survey (1974 and 1991) is conducted. The products, each taken in its commercial form, are red meat, poultry, fish, milk and milk products, and eggs. Current consumer behaviour is estimated as a response to income, region and quality of these commodities. The dietary role of animal protein supply in fulfilling daily protein requirements is then evaluated, and based on the results, policy implications are drawn with respect to production development, foreign trade and demand. Arabic Abstract:
هذه الدراسة قامت بتحليل الاسلوب الاستهلاكى للبروتين الحيوانى كمجموعة غذائية رئيسية تعكس مستوى رفاهية المجتمع. تم اجراء تحليل مقارن للاتجاه العام حيث بنى التحليل على اساس بيان الاغذية (1976-1991) ومسح ميزانية الاسرة (1974، 1991)،