Globalization, labor demand and technological upgrading – ERF 2012 parallel session

In the second day of the  ERF’s 18th Annual Conference one parallel sessions examined  the topic of Globalization, Labor Demand and Technological Upgrading.  Two papers were discussed. The first paper, Globalization and Movement up the Technological Ladder: Evidence for Jordan and Tunisia Using Detailed Export Databases submitted by Ndiame Diop and Sofiane Ghali. It focused on the performance of each country, the extent to which they are moving up the technological ladder, and some success stories identified in both countries. The second paper, Impact of Trade Reforms in Tunisia on the Elasticity of Labor Demand by  Rim Mouelhi and Monia Ghazali, distinguishes the labor force into skilled and unskilled ones, in order to analyze the effect of trade policies on Tunisian labor demand. In the video below the chair of the session, Adel Beshai (American University in Cairo) states that both topics are of great importance now and for next years. Both papers are very policy-oriented and they offer a closer look at Jordan and Tunisia in the context of globalization. In addition, they provide a glimpse on where we will stand in the coming 20 years since globalization will be the trend for a brighter future.
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