Future prospects for economic growth in the MENA region

On the second day of the RF’s 18th Annual Conference , we caught up with Omniea Helmy, the Chairperson at a parallel session on Economic Growth in Turkey and the MENA region. Two papers were discussed in the meeting, the first one titled, An Applied Endogenous Growth Model with Human Knowledge Capital Accumulation: Application to Turkish Economy and the second Threshold Effect of Inflation on Growth: Evidence from MENA Region. We caught up with Helmy after the session. In the video below she discusses her own research in light of the Arab Spring. She also introduces the papers presented in the session, focusing on the relationship between inflation and economic growth in 19 MENA countries and on striking the delicate balance that would allow for more equitable economic development. She also mentions the need for a “wider band” to target inflation, taking into consideration the role of Central Banks, fiscal dominance, and country-specific factors. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPlK3BXNYj0]
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