ERF 18th Annual Conference – Report plenary session 3: Fighting corruption

After having looked into the issues of measurement and consequences of corruption, and its determinants, the third plenary session of the ERF's 18th Annual Conference focused on how to fight corruption. Ziad Ahmed Bahaa-Eldin, Member of Egyptian People's Assembly, underlined the need to consider different measures to prevent corruption in the future. In this context, he mentioned the Egyptian Initiative for Prevention of Corruption and the role that the Parliament should play in this regard. Pratap Mehta, President of the Centre for Policy Research, shared some good and successful practices of fighting corruption in India, such as the Right to Information Act (RTI) which "provides for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens."  Michael Ross (University of California at Los Angeles) discussed the "unobvious correlation" between oil and corruption in the Middle East region. According to Prof. Ross, special problems of corruption exist in the oil producing States as the oil, which is a state-owned asset, is managed by National Oil Companies (NOCs), generally prone to corruption. Related post:
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