Call for papers: IEA-WB Conference Gender Norms and the Law

Closing the gender gap in the workforce is crucial in today’s global economic landscape. With expectations of sluggish growth in the coming years and traditional growth engines struggling, empowering women in the labor market is a vital strategy for economic reju venation. It’s alarming that a significant gender disparity persists, as only a portion of women actively participates in the labor market compared to men. This imbalance is the result of complex factors, including discriminatory laws, unequal access to services, and ingrained societal biases. Consequently, there’s a substantial loss of talent and potential growth. To address these challenges, it’s essential to scrutinize both legal frameworks and societal norms. This conference aims to explore the intricate interplay between them, with the goal of fostering a better understanding of what drives the formulation of equitable laws and how we can collectively promote their advancement.

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