The Employment Intensity of Output Growth in Tunisia and Its Determinants - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

The Employment Intensity of Output Growth in Tunisia and Its Determinants

Rim Mouelhi and Monia Ghazali

November, 2014


26 pages

E2. Consumption, Saving, Production, Investment, Labor Markets, and Informal Economy
J6. Mobility, Unemployment, Vacancies, and Immigrant Workers

Since January 2011, Tunisia has been implementing a transition to democracy. This paper addresses the issue of unemployment, which underpinned the revolution and has become a nation-wide priority. This research aims to explore the elasticity of employment with respect to growth of Tunisian productive sectors in order to assess their job absorptive capacity. The second stage of the analysis attempts to identify the major determinants influencing total employment elasticity. Data to be used cover the period 1980-2012 and are provided by the Institute of quantitative economy and competitiveness (IQEC).

Research Fellows

Rim Mouelhi

Professor of Economics and Statistics at ISCAE, Manouba University


Monia Ghazali

Assistant Professor at ESSECT, University of Tunis



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