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Implementing Extended Producer Responsibility: Comparative Analysis of Packaging Waste Management

Faten Loukil and Lamia Rouached and

Extended producer responsibility is an important environmental policy expected to increase producer environmental innovation through ... read more

Working Papers

Determinants of FDI Location in Egypt: Empirical Analysis Using Governorate Panel Data

Shima’a Hanafy

We empirically analyze the determinants of inward foreign direct investment (FDI) in Egypt employing a ... read more

Working Papers

Real Exchange Rates and Export Performance in Oil-Dependent Arab Economies

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Linda Kaltani and

Diversifying oil economies, toward manufacturing and more sophisticated products and services, is one of the ... read more

Policy Perspectives

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Arab Countries

Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Khalid Sekkat and

Although the growth of per capita real income in the Arab world has markedly improved ... read more

Policy Perspectives

The Impact of Migration on Human Capital in MENA

Jackline Wahba

This policy brief summarizes the main findings and policy implications of three studies headed by ... read more

Working Papers

Firms Inormality: A Model and Empirical Evidence for Lebanon

Rawaa Harati

This paper tests the implications of a simple equilibrium model that describes the informal economy ... read more

Working Papers

Informality and Poverty: A Causality Dilemma with Application to Egypt

Hanan Nazier and Racha Ramadan and

This paper analyzed the inverse causality between informality and poverty in Egypt, in addition to ... read more

Working Papers

Diffusion of Dissidence in Arab Public Opinion

Mohamad Al-Ississ and Samer Atallah and

We are investigating the contagion effect in dissidence in public opinion. In other words, the ... read more