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Working Papers

Determinants of Time-Varying Sensitivity of MENA Countries to Global Shocks: A State Space Approach

Bedri Kamil Onur Tas

Abstract This paper examines whether the mechanism by which global shocks are transmitted into MENA countries ... read more

Working Papers

Financial Crises’ Prevention and Recovery

Wajih Khallouli and Mahmoud Sami Nabi and

Abstract After the completion of the capital account liberalization in 1989, Turkey recovered from two financial ... read more

Working Papers

Effects of Growth Volatility on Economic Performance: Empirical Evidence from Turkey

Hakan Berument , Nergiz Dincer, and Zafer Mustafaoglu and

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between growth and growth volatility for a small open economy ... read more

Working Papers

Vulnerability to External Financial Shocks: The Case of Turkey

Hasan Ersel

Abstract For many observers, Turkey’s performance during the “2007+ global financial crisis” was puzzling. In the ... read more

Working Papers

Hedging Transaction Exposure within the Context of a Basket Foreign Exchange Rate Arrangement

Fathi Abid and Moncef Habibi and

Abstract In a basket managed foreign exchange rate arrangement, the volatility of the domestic money should ... read more

Working Papers

Is the Announced Monetary Union in GCC Countries Feasible? A Multivariate Structural VAR Approach

Magda Kandil and Mohamed Trabelsi and

Abstract This paper tests the desirability and feasibility of establishing a monetary union in GCC countries ... read more

Working Papers

Hazard Analysis of Unemployment Duration by Gender in A Developing Country: The Case of Turkey

Aysit Tansel and H. Mehmet Tasci and

Abstract There is little evidence on unemployment duration and its determinants in developing countries. This study ... read more

Working Papers

Shocks, Crises, and their Determinants

Justin Yifu Lin

Abstract The current global financial crisis is the most serious both in terms of magnitude and ... read more