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Working Papers

International Capital Mobility and Factor Reallocation in a Multisector Economy

Sirin Saracoglu and Zeynep Akgül and

Abstract This paper examines the effects of international capital flows in a small open economy utilizing ... read more

Working Papers

Political Institutions and Sovereign Credit Spreads

Narjess Boubakri , Jean-Claude Cosset, and Houcem Smaoui and

Abstract Using a large sample of 35 developing countries for the period 1993–2009, we provide strong ... read more

Working Papers

Institutional Evolution and Economic Development in Iran and Turkey

Esra Çeviker Gürakar and Emin Koksal and

Abstract Iran and Turkey historically had outwardly similar politoconomic experiences. Particularly after the World War I ... read more

Working Papers

Residential Water Demand: A Panel Cointegration Approach and Application to Tunisia

Mohamed Salah Matoussi and Younes Ben Zaied and

Abstract In this paper we use an appropriate econometric technique to analyze residential water demand in ... read more

Working Papers

Stock Market Liquidity: Comparative Analysis of The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and Dubai Financial Market

Ghassan Omet

Abstract In the context of stock markets, the financial economics literature has developed the concept of ... read more

Working Papers

Fiscal Regimes in and Outside the MENA Region

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Raimundo Soto and

Abstract The 1990s ushered the world not only into a democracy wave, following the collapse of ... read more

Working Papers

Regulating Traffic to Reduce Air Pollution in Greater Cairo, Egypt

Hala Abou-Ali and Alban Thomas and

Abstract Automobile emissions in Greater Cairo are considered the main source of local air pollution. This ... read more

Working Papers

Stock Prices and Inflation: Evidence from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Morocco

Adel Al-Sharkas and Marwan Al-Zoubi and

Abstract This paper attempts to investigate monthly stock price indexes and good price indexes for selected ... read more

Working Papers

The Turkish Wage Curve: Evidence from the Household Labor Force Survey

Badi Baltagi , Yusuf Soner Baskaya, and Timur Hulagu and

Abstract This paper examines the Turkish wage curve using individual data from the Household Labor Force ... read more

Working Papers

Poverty Alleviation in Southern Sudan: The Case of Rank County

Adam Elhag Yassin , Somaia Gafar, and Ali Salih and

Abstract The main objective of this study is to investigate the poverty status and its determinants ... read more