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Working Papers

Labor Productivity and Energy Use in a Three Sector Model: An Application to Egypt

Rudiger von Arnim and Codrina Rada and

Abstract This paper presents a model of a developing economy with three sectors—a modern sector producing ... read more

Working Papers

Migration Aspirations among Young People in Egypt: Who Desires to Migrate?

Asmaa Elbadawy

Abstract International migration has been a vital aspect of labor markets in the Middle East and ... read more

Working Papers

A Unified Framework to Decomposing Inequality with Illustrations to Some Arab Countries

Sami Bibi and AbdelRahmen El Lahga and

Abstract It is common to decompose the inequality indices of the General Entropy class to understand ... read more

Working Papers

On the Quantification of Firms Internationalization Strategy

Fatma Braham and Sami Mensi and

Abstract In this paper we are interested in the phenomenon of internalization and/or globalization of firms. ... read more

Working Papers

Business Cycle Leading Indicators for the Tunisian Economy

Souhir Slimi and Abdelwahed Trabelsi and

Abstract This paper investigates the Tunisian business cycle with an objective of constructing an index for ... read more

Working Papers

On Trade Policies and Wage Disparity in Egypt: Evidence from Microeconomic Data

Chahir Zaki

Abstract This paper proposes an empirical investigation of the effect of different trade barriers on wages ... read more

Working Papers

Une analyse binomiale de la décision d’innovation dans un échantillon d’entreprises privées en Tunisie

Adel Tlili

Abstract L’objectif de cet article est de définir et d’analyser l’influence de certains déterminants et contraintes ... read more

Working Papers

How Can Recessions Be Brought to An End? Effects of Macroeconomic Policy Actions on Durations of Recessions

Bedri Kamil Onur Tas

Abstract This paper analyzes how effective macroeconomic policy actions are in ending recessions. We also investigate ... read more