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Working Papers

Detecting Corruption and Evaluating Programs to Control It: Some Lessons for MENA

Jeffrey Nugent

This paper attempts the following tasks. First, it attempts to examine the seriousness of corruption ... read more

Working Papers

Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Sudan

Kabbashi Suliman

This paper examines the impact of the oil boom, as a blessing or curse, on ... read more

Working Papers

Flow of Migrants’ Remittances into Sudan: the Role of Macroeconomic Environment

Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla and Abdalla Ali Edriess and

Considering the importance of migrants’ remittances as a vital source of financing economic development and ... read more

Working Papers

Stock Market Liquidity: Comparative Analysis of The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and Dubai Financial Market

Ghassan Omet

Abstract In the context of stock markets, the financial economics literature has developed the concept of ... read more

Working Papers

Fiscal Regimes in and Outside the MENA Region

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Raimundo Soto and

Abstract The 1990s ushered the world not only into a democracy wave, following the collapse of ... read more

Working Papers

Regulating Traffic to Reduce Air Pollution in Greater Cairo, Egypt

Hala Abou-Ali and Alban Thomas and

Abstract Automobile emissions in Greater Cairo are considered the main source of local air pollution. This ... read more