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Capital Raising Activity and Firm Growth in the Arab Region

Juan Jose Cortina Lorente, Soha Ismail and Sergio L. Schmukler

June, 2018


6 pages

O. Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth

In a nutshell

  • Capital raising through equity, bond, and syndicated loan markets by firms in the Arab region has grown rapidly since the early 1990s and involved an increasing number of firms.
  • Although the bulk of equity is issued domestically, Arab debt issuances are mostly funded from abroad, display lengthy maturity structures, and entail low levels of credit risk.
  • Issuing firms from the Arab region are very large compared to international standards, the majority of which are, from the financial and utilities sectors. They also tend to be larger, faster growing, and more leveraged than non-issuing firms in Arab countries.



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