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Proxy Means Tests for Targeting Subsidies Scheme in Iran

Mohamed Bakhshoodeh

In this paper, I develop a Proxy Means Tests (PMT) model and examine several targeting ... read more

Structural Transformation and Industrial Policy in Morocco

Lahcen Achy

The manufacturing sector in Morocco emerged in the sixties and early seventies with the support ... read more

Political Patronage and Economic Opportunity: The Case of Vertical Integration in the Egyptian Clothing Industry

Amirah El-Haddad

This paper investigates the determinants of vertical integration in the Egyptian clothing industry. High-end market ... read more

Macro-Financial Linkages in Egypt: A Panel Analysis of Economic Shocks and Loan Portfolio Quality

Inessa Love and Rima Turk Ariss

This paper investigates macro-financial linkages in Egypt using two complementary methods, assessing the interaction between ... read more

The Impact of Urbanization on Political Outcomes in Turkey

Cem Baslevent

The purpose of this study is to identify the urbanization–related determinants of two key political ... read more

Partis islamistes, Pouvoir et Etat profond dans le monde arabe: analyse en termes du Principal-Agent

Brahim ElMorchid

The arrival of Islamist parties to power in some Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco) ... read more

Profit Sharing, Income Inequality and Capital Accumulation

Mahmoud Sami Nabi

The relationship between economic development and income inequality isn’t neutral vis-à-vis the role of the ... read more

Private Tutoring and the Question of Equitable Opportunities in Turkey

Aysit Tansel

This paper focuses on the implications of private tutoring in Turkey for questions of equity ... read more

Students’ Achievement in the MENA Countries: The Heyneman-Loxley Effect Revisited Using TIMSS 2007 Data

Donia Smaali Bouhlila

Since the controversial finding of the Coleman Report (1966), which was that school resources had ... read more

Agricultural Water-Use Efficiency in a Global Perspective: The Case of Iran

Gholamreza Soltani

This study addresses the problem of water-use efficiency in agriculture via the optimization of water ... read more

Dual Banking and Financial Contagion

Mahmoud Sami Nabi

This paper builds a theoretical model based on Allen and Gale (2000) to analyze how ... read more

Resource Rents, Institutions and Violent Civil Conflicts

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Raimundo Soto

Natural resources have been blamed for inducing slow growth and sparking civil conflicts and violence. ... read more

International Labor Mobility and Employment Interactions in Tunisia

Anda David and Mohamed Ali Marouani

This paper analyzes the international labor mobility-employment nexus in Tunisia in a dynamic general equilibrium ... read more