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Wage Differential between Urban and Rural Palestine: The Shadow of Palestinian- Israeli Conflict

Yousef Daoud and Belal Fallah

The objective of this paper is to explore the impact of Israel's development restrictions on ... read more

Young People’s Job Aspirations in Egypt and the Continued Preference for a Government Job

Ghada Barsoum

Despite the slowing of government hiring in Egypt, the government remains the employer of choice ... read more

Rural Wage Employment: Is There a Premium for Agriculture?

Yousef Daoud and Belal Fallah

This paper investigates the determinants of rural and non-rural wages using the quarterly Labor Force ... read more

The Challenges of Private Higher Education in Egypt

Ghada Barsoum

Private institutions are strongly showing presence in the landscape of higher education in Egypt.  This ... read more

Measuring Top Incomes and lnequality in the Middle East: Data Limitations and Illustration with the Case of Egypt

Facundo Alvaredo and Thomas Piketty

This paper discusses the data limitations associated with the measurement of top incomes and inequality ... read more

Micro and Small Household Enterprises in Egypt: Potential for Growth and Employment Generation

Ali Rashed and Maia Sieverding

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) comprise an important sector of the Egyptian economy and account ... read more

Through the Keyhole: International Migration in Egypt

Jackline Wahba

This paper examines international migration in Egypt and provides an overview of the trends and ... read more

Pérennité Et Efficience Des Institutions De Microfinance Dans La Région MENA

Sanae Solhi and Sidi Mohamed Rigar

Cette étude examine l’efficience de 76 institutions de microfinance (IMFs) dans la région MENA par ... read more

The Work-Life Conflict and Well-Being of Turkish Employees

Cem Baslevent

Using data drawn from the 2004 European Social Survey, we examine the determinants of the ... read more

What Happened to Real Earnings in Egypt, 2008 to 2009?

Paul Cichello , Hala Abou-Ali and Daniela Marotta

Nominal earnings in Egypt were non-responsive to the increase in inflation between February 2008 and ... read more

Efficiency Gains from Liberalizing Labor Mobility

Frédéric Docquier , Joël Machado and Khalid Sekkat

This paper quantifies the effect of a complete liberalization of international migration on the world ... read more

Politico-Economic Development of Turkey and The Transformation of Political Islam

Hasan Ersel

This paper examines Turkey’s economic transition highlighting two objectives: achieving a strong growth performance in ... read more

Distressed Whales on the Nile – Egypt Capitalists in the Wake of the 2010 Revolution

Hamouda Chekir and Ishac Diwan

The paper studies the nature and extent of business privileges in Egypt by looking at ... read more