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Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Resolving the Unemployment Dilemma in Arab Countries

Hassan Aly

In a nutshell Government efforts to reduce the chronic unemployment problem in the Arab world would ... read more

The Durable Effects of Gender Policies: Social Change in Arab Countries

Veronica Kostenko and Eduard Ponarin

In a nutshell Gender inequality constrains the economic development of Arab countries. The level of gender inequality ... read more

Guidelines for Cost-Effective Public Procurement

Bedri Kamil Onur Tas

In a nutshell Public procurement comprises a significant part of GDP in both developing and developed ... read more

The Use of ICT and Employment Generation

Yilmaz Kilicaslan and Ünal Töngür

In a nutshell The World Bank (2016) estimates that 57 percent of workers in ... read more

Competitive Real Exchange Rates Are Good for the Poor: Evidence from Egyptian Household Surveys

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Eman Refaat

In a nutshell The real exchange rate (RER) is an economy-wide relative price, closely ... read more

Capital Raising Activity and Firm Growth in the Arab Region

Juan Jose Cortina Lorente , Soha Ismail and Sergio L. Schmukler

In a nutshell Capital raising through equity, bond, and syndicated loan markets by firms ... read more

The Wellbeing of Syrian Refugees: Shifting from Humanitarian to Developmental Response in Jordan

Caroline Krafft and Maia Sieverding

In a nutshell Syrian refugees in Jordan are a very young population, disproportionately in female-headed households ... read more

The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Influx on the Education and Housing Outcomes of Jordanians

Ragui Assaad

In a nutshell Jordan was on a path of improving educational outcomes and improved housing quality ... read more

The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Influx on the Jordanian Labour Market

Jackline Wahba

In a nutshell The slowdown in economic growth in Jordan predates the Syrian refugee influx. Between 2010 ... read more

Can Sovereign Wealth Funds Mitigate the Negative Impact of Volatility?

Kamiar Mohaddes and Mehdi Raissi

In a nutshell Commodity price volatility harms economic growth of natural resource dependent countries, which tends ... read more

Politics Affect Exports in Egypt

Nora Aboushady and Chahir Zaki

In a nutshell Investment-related regulations are a major determinant of the firm’s decision to expand its ... read more

Reforming Rules of Origin in Greater Arab Free Trade Area for Effective Economic Integration

Bashar Hikmet Malkawi

Free trade agreements are about reducing tariffs, market access in services, protection of intellectual property ... read more

Measures to Protect Poor Sudanese Households from the Risks of Catastrophic Health Expenditures

Mohammed Elhaj Mustafa and Ebaidalla Mahjoub Ebaidalla

Due to the absence of universal health insurance coverage in Sudan, particularly among poor, out-of-pocket ... read more

Scientifically-Supported Economic Incentive Approaches for the Long Term Sustainability of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fisheries

Rashid Sumaila

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is an important fishery in the Mediterranean Sea; The effectiveness of the current ... read more