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Towards Greater Gender Diversity in the Workplace in Egypt

Rami Galal and Mona Said

In a nutshell One of the main challenges facing the Egyptian economy is that it is ... read more

When Agglomeration is Necessary but not Sufficient for Productivity in Egypt

Karim Badr , Chahir Zaki and Reham Rizk

In a Nutshell Spatial agglomeration has always been the most important driver of industrial growth in ... read more

Household Vulnerability and Resilience in Egypt: The Role of Social Policies

Rania Roushdy and Imane Helmy

Key questions: What are the shocks experienced by Egyptian households ... read more

Diversifying livelihood in Egypt: How is it changing?

Imane Helmy

Livelihood diversification is attracting considerable interest as a tool to cope with economic ... read more

The Future of Labor Supply and Demographics in Egypt: Impending Challenges and Untapped Potential

Caroline Krafft and Emma Kettle

In a nutshell Demographic pressures on Egypt’s labor supply have decreased. The “youth bulge” generation are young ... read more

Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Resolving the Unemployment Dilemma in Arab Countries

Hassan Aly

In a nutshell Government efforts to reduce the chronic unemployment problem in the Arab world would ... read more

The Durable Effects of Gender Policies: Social Change in Arab Countries

Veronica Kostenko and Eduard Ponarin

In a nutshell Gender inequality constrains the economic development of Arab countries. The level of gender inequality ... read more

Guidelines for Cost-Effective Public Procurement

Bedri Kamil Onur Tas

In a nutshell Public procurement comprises a significant part of GDP in both developing and developed ... read more

The Use of ICT and Employment Generation

Yilmaz Kilicaslan and Ünal Töngür

In a nutshell The World Bank (2016) estimates that 57 percent of workers in ... read more

Competitive Real Exchange Rates Are Good for the Poor: Evidence from Egyptian Household Surveys

Ibrahim Elbadawi and Eman Refaat

In a nutshell The real exchange rate (RER) is an economy-wide relative price, closely ... read more

Capital Raising Activity and Firm Growth in the Arab Region

Juan Jose Cortina Lorente , Soha Ismail and Sergio L. Schmukler

In a nutshell Capital raising through equity, bond, and syndicated loan markets by firms ... read more

The Wellbeing of Syrian Refugees: Shifting from Humanitarian to Developmental Response in Jordan

Caroline Krafft and Maia Sieverding

In a nutshell Syrian refugees in Jordan are a very young population, disproportionately in female-headed households ... read more