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Policy Perspectives

The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment to Arab Countries

This policy perspective examines the issue of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) to the Arab ... read more

Policy Perspectives

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Arab Countries

Although the growth of per capita real income in the Arab world has markedly improved ... read more

Working Papers

The Composition of FDI in the MENA Region and Other Countries: Econometric Investigation and Implications for MENA Countries

We investigate the determinants of the distribution of FDI across greenfield investment and mergers and ... read more

Working Papers

The Growth Effects of Greenfield Investment and Mergers and Acquisitions: Econometric Investigation and Implication for MENA Countries

We explore the effect of foreign direct investment on economic growth in developing countries, distinguishing ... read more

Working Papers

The Formal and Informal Framework of Foreign Direct Investment

This paper studies the impact of social trust and formal legal and institutional determinants of ... read more


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