Noha El-Mikawy - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

Noha El-Mikawy

Research Fellows

Regional Representative/Regional Director, Ford Foundation

Areas of Interest:

  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Economics


  • Ph.D. in Comparative Politics Thesis: Predicament of Consensus Building in Transition to Liberal Democracy in Egypt University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 1985-1991
  • M.A. in Comparative Politics & International Relations University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 1983-1985
  • B.A. in Political Science, American University in Cairo (AUC) 1977-1981


  • Regional Representative/Regional Director, Ford Foundation 2012-present
  • Policy Advisor for Governance and Poverty Reduction, UNDP Bureau of Development Policy, Oslo Governance Center, Dec.2006-2012
  • Governance Policy Advisor, SURF-AS UNDP, Feb.2005-Dec.2006
  • Senior Research Fellow & Project Coordinator, Center for Development Research (ZEF), Bonn University, Dec.2001-present

Latest Publications:

  • 2016 “Egypt: The Protracted Transition from Authoritarianism to Democracy and Social Justice” in Democratic Transitions in the Arab World, S. Makdisi & I. El Badawi eds. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2015 “Arab Philanthropy: From Social Giving to Social Change” in Alliance (London based journal of philanthropy), Vol 20, #3, Fall, p. 22.
  • 2012 UNDP Arab Development Challenges Report 2011.html
  • 2009 “Judicial Reform in the Arab Region” in A.Dias & G. Welch eds. Justice for the Poor: perspectives on accelerating access. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

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