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Mohammad Reza Farzanegan

Research Fellows

Full Professor and Chair of Economics of the Middle East Research Group, Marburg University

Areas of Interest:

  • Energy Economics (e.g., political economy of natural resources)
  • Development Economics (e.g., political economy of demographic transition)
  • Political Economy of Sanctions
  • Iran and Middle East


  • Post Doc Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt at TU Dresden & ZEW Mannheim, 2012
  • Dr. rer. pol. Economics, TU Dresden, Germany, (summa cum laude), 2009
  • M.Sc., Energy Economics and Marketing, University of Tehran, 2002


  • Full Professor and Chair of Economics of the Middle East Research Group, Marburg University, Present
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, TU Dresden & ZEW Mannheim, May 2010-May 2012
  • Researcher (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management, ZEW Mannheim, Nov.2009 –May 2010

Latest Publications:

  • Dizaji, S.F., Farzanegan, M.R., Naghavi, A. 2015.  Political institutions and government spending behavior: theory and evidence from Iran. International Tax and Public Finance
  • Bjorvatn, K., Farzanegan, M.R., 2015. Resource rents, balance of power, and political stability. Journal of Peace Research
  • Gholipour, H.F., Farzanegan, M.R., 2015. Marriage crisis and housing costs: Empirical evidence from provinces of Iran. Journal of Policy Modeling
  • Bjorvatn, K., Farzanegan, M.R., forthcoming. Resource rents, balance of power, and political stability. Journal of Peace Research.
  • Farzanegan, M.R., Gholipour, H.F., 2015. Divorce and the cost of housing: Evidence from Iran. Review of Economics of the Household. DOI:
  • Farzanegan, M.R., 2014. Can oil-rich countries encourage entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal 26, 706-725
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