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Mohamed Amara


Associate Professor, Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis

Mohamed Amara received his master’s degree in economic modeling from the Higher Institute of Management of Tunis in 2004, before undertaking a PhD in Geography at the university of Paris I and a PhD in management (quantitative Methods) at the university of Tunis in 2010. His PhD thesis investigated the spatial inequalities and local development in Tunisia. In 2016 Dr. Amara joined the Department of Economics of Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences of Tunis as an associate professor of quantitative methods. Amara’s research focus are development economics, regional sciences, labor market and applied micro-econometrics. He has published in a range of journals on a variety of topics such as the Annals of Regional Science, Social Indicators Research, Annals of Economic and Statistics, Papers in regional science, Middle East development Journal, and Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences.

Working Papers

Firm Performance and Agglomeration Effects: Evidence from Tunisian Firm-level Data

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Working Papers

Gender Discrimination in the Tunisian Labor Market: The Youth Crisis

This paper combines micro-level and macro-level approaches into a unified empirical design to understand the ... read more

Working Papers

Public-Private Wage Differentials In Tunisia: Consistency and Decomposition

In this paper we estimate and decompose the public-private wage differentials for both rural and ... read more

Working Papers

On the Decomposition of Economic Inequality: A Methodology and an Application to Tunisia

The paper provides a detailed examination of the structure and dynamics of economic inequality in ... read more


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