Ibrahim Elbadawi - Economic Research Forum (ERF)

Ibrahim Elbadawi

Research Fellows

Managing Director, Economic Research Forum

Areas of Interest:

  • Macroeconomic Policy
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Policy
  • Labor Market


  • Ph.D., Statistics and Economics, North Carolina State University, USA, 1983
  • M.Sc., Statistics, North Carolina State University, USA, 1981


  • Managing Director, Economic Research Forum (ERF), 2017-present
  • Director, Macroeconomic Research Department, Economic Policy & Research Institute, Dubai Economic Council, 2009-2016
  • Lead Economist, Development Economic Research Group (DECRG), The World Bank, 2000-2009
  • Manager, Regional Program for Enterprise Development, Africa Region, The World Bank, 2001-2004

Latest Publications:

  • Elbadawi, I., H. Esfahani and H. Kheir-El-Din (editors): “Economic Policy and Performance in the Middle East and North Africa: Essays in Honor of Heba Handoussa.” Special Issue of The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (February, 2007): Vol. 46, Issue 5: 653-852.
  • Elbadawi, Ibrahim and Håvard Hegre (2007), “Globalization, Economic Shocks, and Armed Conflict.” Defense and Peace Economics (forthcoming).
  • Elbadawi, I., T. Mengistae, T. Temesgen and A. Zeufack (2007),” Economic Geography and Manufacturing Productivity in Africa: An Analysis of Firm Level Data,” (forthcoming) in The Journal of Developing Areas.
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