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Hassan Aly

Research Fellows

Dean, Business School, Nile University

Areas of Interest:

  • Labor Economics
  • Financial Economics


  • Ph.D., Economics, Southern Illinois University, 1986
  • M.Sc., Economics, Southern Illinois University, 1982


  • Dean, Business School, Nile University, May 2017 – Present
  • Dean, School of Public Administration and Development Economics, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, July 2015 – February 2017
  • Emeritus Professor of Economics, Ohio State University, July 2015 -Present
  • Chief Research Economist, The African Development Bank, Sep.2010-Sep.11 (on leave from Ohio State University)
  • Associated Faculty of The Middle East Studies Center and The John Glenn Institute for Public Policy, The Ohio State University, Present.

Latest Publications:

  • “Bread, Justice, or Opportunities: The Determinants of the Arab Awakening Protests” World Development, Volume 67, October 2014, (Co-authored).
  • International Rentierism in the Middle East and North Africa, 1971–2008, International Areas Studies Review, Vol. 14, No 3, September 2011, (Co-authored).
  • “Global Financial Crisis and Africa: Is the Impact Permanent or Transitory? Time Series Evidence from North Africa”, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, Vol. 3, May 2011, (co-authored).
  • “The Changing Role of States, Markets, and International Organizations: Does Globalization Warrant a Reevaluation?” Harvard College Economic Review, (Invited), V.4, No 2, Spring 2010.
Working Papers

Are politically connected firms turtles or gazelles? Evidence from the Egyptian uprising

Using an original firm-level database and utilizing the incidence of the Egyptian uprising of 2011, ... read more

Policy Briefs

Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Resolving the Unemployment Dilemma in Arab Countries

In a nutshell Government efforts to reduce the chronic unemployment problem in the Arab world would ... read more

Working Papers

Young Gazelles and Aging Turtles: Understanding the Determinants of Employment Creation in the Labor Market in MENA Countries

The Middle East region has suffered from major unemployment problems that constituted a chief determinant ... read more

Working Papers

Did the Global Financial Crisis and Recession Contribute to the Uprisings in North Africa?

Abstract In this paper, we utilize time series tests with structural breaks to test for evidence ... read more


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