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Ali Akarca


Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois

Ali T. Akarca is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago with which he has been affiliated since 1975.  He has also worked as a Research Associate at the Department of Public Policy Studies of the University of Chicago during 1978-1980.  He has articles on the behavior of oil prices and their impact on the economy; the effect of tax rate changes on tax revenues; economic, social, and political determinants of election outcomes and government performance; causes and consequences of coups; and economic and political consequences of internal migration. These appeared in books and journals such as Journal of Energy and Development, Resource and Energy Economics, Journal of Economics, Public Finance Review, Public Choice, Electoral Studies, Insight Turkey, European Urban and Regional Studies, Journal of Economic Studies, Middle East Development Journal, and IZA Journal of Migration.

Working Papers

Economic Voting Under Single-Party and Coalition Governments: Evidence From The Turkish Case

Strength of economic voting under single-party and coalition governments is investigated in the case of ... read more

Working Papers

Economic Performance and Political Outcomes: An Analysis of The 1995 Turkish Parliamentary Election Results

1995 Turkish parliamentary election was held almost under the conditions of a controlled experiment. The ... read more

Working Papers

Southwest as the New Internal Migration Destination in Turkey

Antalya and Muğla provinces located in southwestern Turkey have emerged as new magnets for internal ... read more

Working Papers

Impact of the 1999 Earthquakes and the 2001 Economic Crisis on the Outcome of the 2002 Parliamentary Election in Turkey

Abstract The two major earthquakes which struck northwestern Turkey in 1999, not only caused enormous amounts of ... read more


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